[A2] Create Meme regarding DAOLaunch

Hey everyone,

Super excited to be here with you guys :smiley:
Here are 3 memes I prepared tonight while learning about Dao Launch.
I hope they will bring you a smile ! If they do, I will prepare more :wink:

Tweet 1 : https://twitter.com/LTijara/status/1455710100291833860
Tweet 2 : https://twitter.com/LTijara/status/1455711234020593664
Tweet 3 : https://twitter.com/LTijara/status/1455712089276915717

I will also be working on more content , I am thinking about video material and translation for the french community !

Looking forward to reading you.
Be blessed

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Hi @Tijaraman

Thanks for your memes, I especially liked number 2, it made me laugh out loud :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

We have talked with the team and we all agree that these are some great memes, keep them coming!

You have earned 5 points for your contribution, thanks for your support of DAOLaunch.

Here is a link as to how we calculate rewards.
โ€ปMaximum Points conversion rate 1 point = 12.5 DAL


Dear Reza,

Thank you so much for your kind answer ! Really appreciate it ! I will have more content coming soon.
Heard the great news regarding takeoff on BSC Station, canโ€™t wait for it ^^

Hope you guys are managing the heavy work load you must be on.
Sending you all my strenght to all the team.

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