[A2] New funny meme for DAOlaunch

hi, everyone
I’m feeling lucky when I have an opportunity to be a part of the DAOlaunch community !!!
I have just created some memes about DAOlaunch. Hope you guys enjoy haha
Tweet 1: https://twitter.com/BiVnSn60851516/status/1475643212828053512
Tweet 2: https://twitter.com/BiVnSn60851516/status/1475643843739811846

Don’t miss this chance to own a potential project like DAL :pray:
@van24son - wallet address: 0x6d5Ed68ebC4d97cc2de65276C8fc6470cd4Acbeb


haha, nice bro :rofl:

How to earn DAL, sir ?

I’m a newbie, can you give some guides how to join community contest ?

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Hi you can join here

This is a great article!