[A3] Create Videos regarding DAOLaunch

Hey Everyone !

I hope all the team is fine, and that the preparation of the DAL listing is going well.

This week end, I have prepared a video for the listing of the DAL token and the take off of DAOLaunch.

Before publishing the video (in english and in french) I wanted you to verify with you that you like them.
In case you have modification suggestion, I could take care of them before proceeding to promotion

I am open to every suggestion: the music, voice over, the video content can all be changed.

Once you validate the videos, I will have them promoted a max.

English version of the Listing Video
French version of the Listing Video

Looking forward to reading you !
Kind Regards

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Hey Team,

Congratulations for this great launch !
Here are the links / results of the french and english videos on Facebook and Twitter.

English version - Facebook - 1737 people touched
English version - Twiiter - 535 views
French version - Facebook - 2431 people touched
French version - Twiiter - 555 views

Looking forward to reading you !
Kind Regards

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Hey @Tijaraman thanks as always for your support, this video has given you a whopping 30 points, if possible could you send to me in telegram so we can use it as an announcement and also upload to youtube!

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