[A4] DAOLaunch AMA - The Gem Hunters

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH: To kick this AMA off, can you start by giving us some background on the DAOLaunch protocol? What’s the primary issue you’re trying to address, and what’s your solution?

Reza / DAOLaunch : Currently, pretty much every start-up in the crypto space are launched through a combination of VC, seed, private funding. Is there any more democratic ways to raise fund? Yes, there is Fairlaunch. However, We don’t think “Fair Launch is not a practical method” to release a token, let alone fund a business. Because what VC provide today is not only funding, but also advice, connections, Human Resources and marketing. Can startups really expect adoption from mass-retail investors and for them to provide those things, which is core part of VC offering today? We have to change our approach. If you don’t want to be one of crowd who seeking around small allocation of usually launchpad provide, you need to think what value can you as individual provide to startups, as investors. This is how Sakuro came up with “decentralized Venture capital” concept. The DVC offers retail investors preferential investment conditions depending on their investment performance recorded on the blockchain. Recorded investments are not editable since all negotiations are all on-chain. Any Investors on DAOLaunch, can brand themselves as Decentralized Venture Capitalists, and much like traditional VCs they can negotiate more favorable investment terms. DAOLaunch aims to change the structure of shady behind-closed-door investment deals to an open and more competitive deal structure that takes place on the blockchain.

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH : Cause I agree that most sale structures are not open and transparent, nor do they often offer high Allos (it depends really). Being a part of your own VC essentially would be awesome.

Reza / DAOLaunch : Crypto started off as a tool to bring empowerment to the people, now it’s become dog coins and pump & dumps, we want to change that

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH : Before jumping into the details, who’s the team behind DAOLaunch? What do you each bring to the table, and will the team grow in the future as the DAO grows?

Sakuro-Founder , and Shu -Co Founder , involve in crypto since 2015, Shu has 20+ years alone as a Software Engineer with 5 years in blockchain coding, while Sakuro is a Blockchain Lecturer at the prestigious Meiji University (Like Harvard in Japan).

Kaletso Phiri - Head of marketing & PR. Worked at top brands such as viacom and MTV. Kaletso has the perfect mix of skills of web 2.0 + web 3.0 which support DAOLaunch in it’s quest to decentralise venture capital

Abdullah - head of investments. Abdullah worked for many years in dubai as a VC and he’s seen it all. Rug pulls, scams, pump and dumps you name it. Abdullah has a great mindset when it comes to investing and I’m confident in his ability to pick great projects for DAOLaunch community

Reza - A true defi native and curious thinker, started crypto in 2017 and volunteered as a community manager gaining experience. Made the full time switch about a year ago and I love defi/ crypto. Worked all around the industry in L1 blockchains, stable coins and data marketplaces.

Japan, UK, Dubai, Southafrica, Vietnum, and India with international team , passionate and great talent team

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH: That’s a great mix of a team, I love that teams can be international and all work together in this day and age. How long have you taught at Meiji University, Sakuro? That’s a fairly new field in teaching if I remember right

Sakuro / DAOLaunch: From end of last year, I was surprized when i get invitation. same time when I start business about DAOLaunch

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH: Huge congrats really glad you all got together for this. Integral to the DAOLaunch protocol is the DAL token, and with it, the DVC-NFT. So what is the usecase of DAL, what’s the setup for your Initial Buy-Back Offering (IBO), and how do the DVC-NFTs come into play?

Reza / DAOLaunch : The token behind DAOLaunch is DAL. DAL has a very specific use case where it is used to mint a DVC-NFT at a ratio of 1DAL:1DVC-NFT. When minting the DVC-NFT, the DAL will be burned, inherently decreasing the supply and making DAL more valuable. DVC-NFT stands for Decentralized Venture Capital – NFT; by owning a DVC-NFT, you are given the following: governance rights to vote on future IBOs, the power to negotiate sale/allocation prices.

All DVC-NFT negotiations are kept on chain; this means that by investing in successful projects, you increase VC power! This is important because higher VC power grants you more favorable allocations and better prices, similar to VC’s today!

You can also create your own token index portfolio as an DVC-NFT. Users can deposit their seed tokens in the contract, turn into like a holding VC series itself as NFT. Trade or Lend your VC series on the NFT marketplace, earn more capital or interest without losing ownership of it !!

Until now, the funds invested into startups could not be used effectively until the lockup period was over. But with the DVC-NFT, even when the token is locked you can make a profit by trading or lending the DVC-NFT itself. Let’s create your own VC series with NFT, trade and lend them on DAOLaunch’s frontier & innovative market!!

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH : If I understand right after reading it’s essentially your own allo node. Add funds for allo, get paid out straight to the NFT. And trade/lend with it cause it has history. It’s kinda brilliant

Reza / DAOLaunch : We also have the IBO SYSTEM. DAOLaunch grant system called the IBO (Initial Buy-Back Offering) is a brand new concept of supporting startups. Most voted startup from DVC, their native tokens are directly purchased through a Buy-Back system from DAOLaunch, after they’re listed on the market using our allocated grant.

It’s also another way to put your money where your mouth is too, hopefully if more projects list on DAOLaunch we can see exactly which influencers/ KOL have already invested into certain projects. Central to the DAOLaunch concept is meritocratic effort

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH : I like that a lot, meritocratic effort is kinda needed in DAOs of any kind of they fall to a path. This would be really interesting to see those, cause none of that data is present really atm. Where does the grant money come from? Is there an allocated fund specifically for grants voted on?

Sakuro / DAOLaunch : From fees on DAOlaunch platform. Cost for startup, some % from raised fund, LP lock, and NFT Farm setting, all other features for startup. And, we use our collected fees for capital gain DAOlaunch investors

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH : DAOLaunch also plans to provide tools for projects so they have smoother, more successful launches. What kind of products will you be creating, and what’s the edge that DAL gives over other launch protocols?

Reza / DAOLaunch : For startups:

· create tokens/NFTs

· professional tokensale pitch screen

· secure liquidity/tokenomics with smart contract

· easily build NFT farming pool/store for their token holders

· IBO, Initial Buy-Back offering for most voted startup from DVC.

We are not only offering a place for protocols to raise funds, we will also be throwing their full support behind each of the projects, offering advisory services, DAOLaunch aims to be as influential throughout the crypto space, and with the potential of anyone entering the DVC, branding as investors.

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH: This would be perfect, basically all the backend things completed by you guys so they can just work on the protocol itself with the full fledged support of you guys, and other DVCNFT holders I assume as well. The network effects for a DVC could be ridiculously large.

Reza / DAOLaunch : there are a lot of knowledgeable people in the crypto space and they deserve to be rewarded for their efforts! DAOLaunch aims to do just that and with a hell of a lot of liquidity! It’s literally a brand new concept never been done before and although we have some time before technical integration is complete, it’s really exciting

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH: Since becoming a Decentralized VC is quite literally a first of its kind, what kind of partnerships and marketing plans do you have to increase awareness and to grow DAL’s ecosystem?

Reza / DAOLaunch : we have a number of really great partnerships. ZBS Capital (cryptodiffer), X21, Shiden/ Astar Network, BSC Station, Trustpad, Gate.io, Meridian Capital, Onebit ventures. Recent development also includes the Partnership and Integration with Shiden! Shiden is the 3rd parachain on the Kusama network, and there’s over $2M worth of SDN in DAL staking already.

Regardless crypto/non-crypto, We guide them into Crypto-secure IDO market. Gaming, Anime, Professional NFT Art, E-sports, Entertainment, Model, Donation, Music Jazz Concert, University, Professional athlete, Sports Club, Traditional craft. You can check more on daolaunch.net.

We have just finished our first DAOpunks campaign and will be starting another one shortly. These will function as genesis DVC-NFT with a whole to be announced later. See 1st campaign here https://twitter.com/DAOLaunch/status/1456200646865080322

Will be announce 2nd DAOpunk campaign, make sure to follow our twitter or join on telegram!!

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH : My god also, that Shiden announcement is huge, congrats on integrating there!

Sakuro / DAOLaunch : SDN founder is also Japanese, we have really quick to meet negotiate.

Reza / DAOLaunch : We’re talking with a lot of Shiden projects and have been having interesting conversations with DEX/ AMM and stable coins. a lot is happening there and DAOLaunch will be one of the early builders!

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH : I’d be interested myself huge props heading into their ecosystem

Sakuro / DAOLaunch : we aim to be a really competitive launchpad and give start-ups the choice of which chain to launch, cross chain interoperability is something we’re looking out for. we’ve also been looking into Arbitrum integration and will be one of the first launchpads to integrate with a true L2 :fire::fire:

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH: Cause we really do need interoperability, love this. So lastly, what does the future hold for DAL? Do you have a roadmap/timeline to share with us, and what would you say is first on your To-Do-List from here? The token listing is approaching quick!

Sakuro / DAOLaunch : The future is very exciting, we have our IDO on the 17th & 18th Trustpad &BSC station, with token listing on the 19th at gate.io (http://gate.io/).

This is our technical roadmap


• Main2.0 Ver release

• DAL token Listing

• Build NFT Farm

• NFT drop Promote features

• Farm/Trade NFT marketplace


• Main3.0 Ver release

• Decentralized Venture Capital NFT(DVC-NFT

• IBO(Initial Buy-Back Offering) Grant system

• Decentralized Voting features

• Negotiate favorable investment terms on-chain functions


• Seed token portfolio NFT creation

• Auction/Lending market for NFT portfolio

So, we need support from you guys, if you want to be our holder you can buy our token on IDO/IEO, and also we are rewarding tokens contribution basis.

If you want to earn more money like VC, think what value you can add to startups, brand as investors. then you will not be one of crowd who seeking tiny allocation of IDO, big allocation and professional investors onboard with promised startups. You can do this as Decentralized Venture Capital, on DAOlaunch. Let’s shape the future together.

You can take a look demo movie for DAOLaunch (Main1.0): DAOLaunch Demo on Vimeo

COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH: Really great demo video btw, not many projects even make those.

Reza / DAOLaunch : We like to do things differently at DAOLaunch.

AMA Session with The Gem Hunters Community

Guest : Please tell us about the “create token” function, how can anyone create tokens for fundraising, couldn’t this lead to fraud? What are the conditions to opt for this function, could you give an example of these tokens?How does DAOLaunch project intend to stand out with so many Crypto projects out there? What are the uniqueness of project that make different from those?

Reza / DAOLaunch : In the beginning all projects must KYC with @sakuro_DAOLaunch and the team. We will do our due dilligence on the people, protocol and product. We will also assist in a successful launch and require they have the correct audits. Also, you are able to verify whether the liquidity is actually locked on our token metrics page and we all know the blockchain doesn’t lie.

Guest : STAKING is one of the STRATEGIES to ATTRACT USERS and HOLD Them and long term. Does your GREAT PROJECT have plan about to Staking?

Reza / DAOLaunch : This is a really interesting conversation in defi right now, I’m sure you guys have been following the ohm developments but staking and farming in native tokens to bootstrap liquidity might not be such a great idea, it attracts mercenaries and always put constant sell pressure. If you stake/ provide liquidity on DAOLaunch you get farming points which translate to DVC power. It also provides an out of the box solution for native projects to build token utility. In short we have a new way to reward those who provide liquidity to DAOLaunch.

You can pretty much sell any product on NFT (kings of leon did a ticket sale recently) and they’re the perfect way to reward stakers as they don’t take any money off you balance sheet. It’s not quite bonding but it’s equally innovative

Guest: Co-Branded Content Partnerships Are Key. The more followers and engagement you have on your social media account, the more leverage you have to monetize it. Does DAALaunch offer to help grow users social media account. If yes at what cost is that?

Sakuro / DAOLaunch : DAOLaunch will also showcase our advisors and offer to put them in contact with relevant start ups. We are trying to build a decetralisied Y- combinator style type of Launchpad

Guest : Which do you think is more important, sir? What is your main focus?

A community

B. Investor

C. Token value

If all of the above are important to you, which one should come first and why?

Reza / DAOLaunch : DAOLaunch is unique in this way as it is well balanced protocol. Sometimes investors, speculators and belivers are all at odds with each other. DAOLaunch realigns incentives by putting everything on chain!

Guest: Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space?

Sakuro / DAOLaunch : We have NFT farm features. Now non-crypto like Sports team sell their ticket as NFT, musician sell their music album as NFT. Any product can create as NFT. We have NFT Farm function, which any kind of startup easily create token utility, to create NFT Farm/Shop using their native token or even LP token. And also, we went to build good regulation that fill gap between crypto and non-crypto, you can see our blog from here.

End of AMA session — Wrap Up!
COMRADE KEEGAN | TGH : Thanks for having an AMA session with The Gem Hunters. Looking forward to development on DAOLaunch.

Sakuro / DAOLaunch : Thank you everyone for joining AMA. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DAOLaunch/

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