[A4] DAOLaunch AMA with Angels Creed (16 Dec 2021)

AMA Recap with Angels Creed

Introduction Part

Reza / DAOLaunch: Dear Community we are excited to present our first ever DAOLaunch AMA with Angel’s Creed! Angel Creed is a new type of game owned and operated by its players! Earn AST Tokens by playing them and deciding the future of the game! Today we have Angel Creed’s CMO, Jonny.

Jonny@angelscreed : Hi nice to meet you Reza, glad to have this AMA here

Reza / DAOLaunch: So excited for you to meet our community! Firstly could you kindly introduce yourself and the people who are behind angel creed? Why are they the perfect team to create this game?

Jonny@angelscreed : Hi, i am Jonny, CMO of Angels Creed. I have over 4 years of marketing experience in the crypto space. O joined various crypto projects and provided them with marketing support, bringing about unexpected results. I also worked in top crypto exchanges and projects to handle marketing and operation. Emily is our CEO, Having many years of experience in operating and developing Startup technology projects. Used to be an executive director for famous technology projects in Southeast Asia. Having more than 4 years of experience in developing projects about market economy & software development. Having more than 6 years of experience in researching and working in the field of Blockchain. Ninh Kim is our CTO, Having more than 8 years of experience in developing applications. Has over 3 years of experience in Blockchain. About 2+ years Reactjs and over 3 years NodeJs. Having 2,5 years team Leader. Have a lot of experience working on Blockchain projects (DEFI, NFT). That is the introduction of our core members, for other team members, you can check on www.angelscreed.com

Reza / DAOLaunch: What a strong and diverse team! Technical strength is so important in blockchain and you guys clearly have it. Could you tell us more about the project, and your journey so far? What has been the best part and your biggest success?

Jonny@angelscreed : Yes, Angels Creed Is A New Play-To-Earn RPG Game Built On Binance Smart Chain. The Players Can Create NFT Game Characters, And Enter This Fantastic World Which Is Divided Between Light And Darkness. Surrounded By Magical Heros, The Players Will Build Their Own Teams, And Become The Most Powerful Of The Angels Creed World. Enchant, Enhance And Socket Your Items With Gems, Tame Your Mounts And Become The Most Attractive Character Between Thousands Of Players! The Knight Or The Magician That You Will Be Can Specify Its Skills In Order To Masterize A Unique Character. The Players Will Become The Hero Who Will Save The World From Evil. So basically it is a play-to-earn game, users buy NFTs with angel token, and join game to earn reward! We will release beta version on 23rd December, so around IDO time, users can play our game.

Reza / DAOLaunch: Woah that’s amazing, can’t wait to play the game. The character design is very unique, and the gameplay looks amazing, what’s the best way for users to get involved in Angel creed?

Jonny@angelscreed : When our game launch, users can consume $ANGEL to buy NFT and join game, we will open PvE first, so users can earn $GEM during the battles. it will be really interesting

Reza / DAOLaunch: Awesome stuff I love PvE games, there’re my favorite. Can you share and comment with us a little about the Angels creed tokenomics?

Jonny@angelscreed : We have 3 rounds for fundraising, and the initial cap is only $245k, the fully diluted valuation for public round is only 10million! As you can see, we put low market cap when token listing, so that our game can be more sustainable.

Reza / DAOLaunch: That’s great news, lower market cap means more growth and more returns for early adopters, i love that you thought about your community when planning tokenomics! Final question before we open it up to the public. What is upcoming on your roadmap and the number one most exciting update?

Jonny@angelscreed :

  1. Beta version launch - 23rd December

  2. Mainnet launch - estimated Mid of Jan

  3. NFT sales - Early Jan

We will launch a campaign when beta launch, users can test our game, and top players can earn NFT drops. For more details roadmap, can check our web: www.angelscreed.com

Reza / DAOLaunch: Thanks, sir! We’ll now open it up to our community to write questions. Remember there is a total of $100 to be won today!

  • Community Part
  • What story or idea has the team come up with for the Angels Creed project?

Jonny@angelscreed: We think the angel and devil story will be more interesting for traditional game players as well! That is why we chose this!

Your game Angels Creed is amazing I want to ask to be able to play the game do I need to have a certain level of gaming or do I need to know how to play the game a lot and how long does it take to become more pro in the game?

Jonny@angelscreed : No, just need hire NFT hero with $ANGEL token, and join our game. We will balance the rewards to allow users to earn rewards, and also make the game more sustainable.

Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?

Jonny@angelscreed : Our market cap is low, which is key for sustainable game; our concept design fits game players; the token economy can have good balance for in-game economy, etc

Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product in order to expand on fresh ideas for your project? Many projects fail because the target audience and clients are not understood. So I’d like to know who your ideal consumer is for your product?

Jonny@angelscreed : Yes, we listen to the voice of community, and in future, we will have a DAO system to allow users to submit their proposals.

IF THE BEAR MARKET COMES will your token PROBABLY DUMP? Do you have any plans to prepare for this bear market? How will you handle the panic sell?

Jonny@angelscreed: We focus on long-term, and also even bear market, users can play game to earn rewards, so we actually don’t really care market.

Reza / DAOLaunch: That concludes today’s AMA! Before you go, is there anything you would like to share with the DAOLaunch community ahead of your IDO?
Jonny@angelscreed: Thanks! This is really great AMA! If you have further questions, please join our community, and follow our social