[A4] DAOLaunch AMA with Metaxy (14 Jan 2022)


Section 1: Meet and Greet

Reza / DAOLaunch: Dear Community we are excited to present our first AMA of 2022 with Jolie, the CMO from Metaxy! Metaxy is a decentralized NFT based fighting game that features a wide variety of anime-inspired characters in a Multiverse. Today we have the CMO of Metaxy, Jolie

Jolie / Metaxy: Hi everyone. It’s such a pleasure to be here. Thank you for giving us a chance to talk with DAOLaunch’s community

Reza / DAOLaunch: On behalf of the DAOLaunch community, we wish you a very warm welcome today!

Jolie / Metaxy: Yes!! Glad to join you guys

Reza / DAOLaunch: Could you kindly introduce yourself and the people who are behind Metaxy?

Jolie / Metaxy: Let me introduce myself. I’m Jolie, CMO of Metaxy. I’ve been taking the role of Marketing Leader and involved in a variety of cutting-edge technology projects for 6 years now. With the motivation to produce a pioneering blockchain game that will utilize the next generation of the Internet - the Metaverse, I have decided to join forces to develop Metaxy.

In terms of the team behind Metaxy, I’m incredibly proud that the Metaxy team is full of talents and experts in different aspects. In the gaming field, we have Onegame Studio - a top company having millions of users using their game products on both iOS and Android. Additionally, we have an excellent advisor - V2B Labs with a solid background in blockchain technology and marketing operation. Besides, we have a team of 30 talents including Developers, Marketing, Blockchain team, and Artwork Design. They have a great technical background and share the same passion for creating the highest quality project.

Reza / DAOLaunch: wow!! It’s great you are working with team members with a proven track record of delivering products to millions of users!

Too often we see many great projects struggle to market themselves, with you at the wheel Metaxy investors can feel comfortable knowing someone capable is at the wheel!

Jolie / Metaxy: We appreciate the trust that our investors and partners put in us. The team will definitely do everything to strive for the best in this ever-growing industry. The struggle is real but with my team, nothing is impossible folks.

Reza / DAOLaunch : Can you explain a bit what METAXY is? What are some compelling features/ main advantages of Metaxy?

Jolie / Metaxy: Metaxy is a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn Metaverse NFT fighting game, featuring the most diverse anime-inspired characters. We aim to create a Multiverse where players can summon their favorite superheroes to battle and earn massive rewards of NFT collectibles and MXY tokens. I believe Metaxy is such an outstanding project because of the following features. Firstly, Metaxy is one of the pioneering NFT games in the fighting game genre that was inspired by a game-winning First Place in Huawei APAC Contest with 10M downloads and millions of users, and with this new upgraded version, it is promising to gain even more attention.

Besides, our highlight points are free-to-play, play-to-earn, and of course, earn-for-real!!! Metaxy provides you with free-to-play features which will allow players to have an initial experience before deciding to invest in it. We also plan to utilize Metaverse in the game so that users can have a more immersive experience during playing time.

And lastly, as everyone can see, there are many NFT game projects that have failed to join the Japanese market due to a lack of reputation. But we have successfully penetrated the Japanese market and received many positive reactions thus far. We have cherished this brainchild for such a long time so hopefully, we will get a lot of support from the DAOLaunch community.

Reza / DAOLaunch : This is interesting idea! Free to play is a great idea as many gamers are not interested in the crypto side but would happily pay money on game items!

Jolie / Metaxy: We understand that and determined from the very start that we would want everyone to join with no upfront cost, creating joyful gaming experiences for everyone.

Reza / DAOLaunch : Could you tell us more about your journey so far? What have been your highest and lowest points?

Jolie / Metaxy: Until now, we have finished the first phase of the project roadmap and successfully introduced Metaxy to the public. To be more specific, we have achieved many milestones such as: Game Trailer release, building community with more than 110k members on Telegram and 90k followers on Twitter and 7 local communities. Also, we have just successfully closed our fundraising round with many prominent partners joining to help us in both marketing and development.

Currently, we are in Phase 2 (Q1/2022), focusing on building the WebGL version of Metaxy and pushing marketing promotion, especially for the upcoming IDO. I will not say the lowest point but the most concerning issue that we are facing is that many projects now are losing faith in communities with low quality and even scam projects. They abandon hope from trusted people and that negatively affects other ones who put so much effort and dedication into the building. So Metaxy has to try harder to gain trust from the community and to prove that we are trustworthy and worth investing in. Also, the decentralized market currently suffers from unexpecting fluctuations so let’s hope the stability of the market will come back.

Reza / DAOLaunch : It’s great to see you guys are committed even in this horrible down trend right now! When things are bad the best teams build! Can you share and comment with us a little about Metaxy Tokenomics?

Jolie / Metaxy: The Metaxy’s token symbol is called $MXY. It’s issued on Binance Smart Chain.

  • The total supply of MXY token: 1,500,000,000.

  • Hard cap: $2,325,000

  • Token for sale: 255,000,000

For a clear view of MXY’s tokenomics distribution, please see the picture below:

Reza / DAOLaunch : Metaxy has 2% for airdrops? How can Daolaunch users get involved?

Jolie / Metaxy: We run some certain airdrop in our community. Some will be rewarded as MXY tokens, some are NFT items. Recently, we have closed 2 airdrops. But you guys still can come in our community to join other events like Learn and Earn at this link: Telegram: Contact @metaxyANN

And stay tuned! There will be more airdrop for Metaxy’s Community, so just join and don’t miss it.

Please share more about your upcoming roadmap and exciting updates!

Reza / DAOLaunch : Please share more about your upcoming roadmap and exciting updates!

Jolie / Metaxy: The upcoming period will be filled with many important events. You can take a look at our roadmap for more details

Currently, we are in Phase 2 (Q2/2022), focusing on building the WebGL version of Metaxy and pushing marketing promotion, especially for the upcoming IDO. The IDO - our priority right now will occur very soon, which is Metaxy IDO from Jan 17th to 19th on 4 launchpads: Gamestation, KoiStarter, BinStarter, and DAOLaunch. The details on how to join IDO are published in our community. You can check here:

After the Metaxy IDO, we are thrilled to conduct the Chest Sale event in which players by that can come to purchase their favorite NFT superheroes at a very appealing price… So don’t miss this deal either!!! Right after INO event is the most wanted event: Beta Game Version Release. Definitely keep following us on our channels to get regular updates!!!

Reza / DAOLaunch : Do MXY holders get benefits?

Jolie / Metaxy: Yes! MXY holders will have certain benefits in this! Will be revealed soon in our community!!! :heart:

Section 2: Twitter questions

Question 1: Trust is very important in business, what makes investors, customers, and users feel safe when working with your project?

Jolie / Metaxy: A trusted project is likely to have a solid base of the development team, engaging gameplay, and a great reward for players’ efforts. Metaxy is granted by V2B Labs with a solid background in blockchain technology and marketing operation. Metaxy is also developed by Onegame Studio - one of the top gaming teams in Vietnam with many game designs gaining significant achievements in the gaming field. Besides, we have transparently published all documentation related to our project on every channel. We encourage people to take deep research in Metaxy to make their own decision.

Question 2: Why did Metaxy launch their project on DAO launchpad? What is the relationship with them and why do you think that DaoLaunch is best?

Jolie / Metaxy: So, one of our goals is to take a step into the Japanese market since Japan is such a golden mine of NFT game projects. After taking careful consideration and research, we see that DAOLaunch is considered the topmost prestigious launchpad with many successful projects in the field. We are so exhilarated when we can conduct our IDO on DAOLaunch. By successfully entering the Japanese market with solid cooperation with DAOLaunch, Metaxy aspires to open a greater chance to reach closer to the community.

Reza / DAOLaunch : Such kind words, thanks team! Let’s shape the future together!

Question 3: How the token will provide benefits to its holders? Can you explain what are the utilities of $MXY token? Do you have a staking program for long-term investors?

Jolie / Metaxy: Regarding the token utility, $MXY can be used in various cases, including:

  • Participating in the game: Players could use MXY to buy cards and in-game items on the marketplace. Through gameplay, players can use their characters and show their skills and different strategies to engage in thrilling battles.

  • Trading on the marketplace: By owning tokens, MXY token holders participate in the decentralized financial market to earn more profits.

  • GameFi: Besides the play-to-earn mechanism in the game, players can also generate passive income from GameFi features like staking. It will also be updated along with the development of our project and is extremely beneficial for long-term holders.

Question 4: How many NFT characters will be in-game? How can we win a NFT? Will be levels in-game? Do children have the right to play this game?

Jolie / Metaxy: In the first phase of the project, we will release 36 Metaxy superheroes, then from time to time other characters will be added to Metaxy’s diverse ecosystem and give players a wider choice of characters. The leveling system can be referred to here

Question 5: Galaxies being tradeable is a very cool concept which again highlights why Metaxy stands out as a project in the GameFi space! I’d like to ask for some details about the Metaxy superheroes and how they can be assembled?

Jolie / Metaxy: There will be plenty of Metaxy superheroes with different appearances, skills, and stats that coexist. Each player will take the crucial role as a Metaxy superhero with a great mission to save the multiverse that is in danger of being invaded by the dark force. So to assemble your favorite superheroes, you have to go to a separate marketplace called Mirana and get one. Then join the game and get ready to complete your mission of ensuring the peace of the Multiverse.

Reza / DAOLaunch : Before we conclude today’s session is there any news or update you would like the daolaunch community to know? How best can we support the Metaxy team?

Jolie / Metaxy: The most important event we focus on is the IDO of Metaxy on 4 launchpads: Gamestation, Binstarter, KoiStarter, and especially DAOLaunch! For DAOLaunch community, gear up for this great event, and don’t miss it!!!

Other than that, we will have the NFT sale right after the IDO, and the beta game version also coming soon after the sale!!! We would love to have DAOLaunch community come along with us in a long journey!

Reza / DAOLaunch : Thanks for your time today, it was great and i learnt a lot about Metaxy. For all those who want to keep up with their developments, please join their community groups.

Jolie / Metaxy: Thanks for hosting such a great AMA. Hope that the IDO event on DAOLaunch on the 18th will be successfully implemented.