[A4] DAOlaunch AMA with Wizardia (18 Mrach 2022)

Part 1: Introduction

Reza / DAOLaunch: Could you kindly tell us a bit about the team behind Wizardia?

Eligijus|Wizardia: I’m Eligijus, the director of partnerships in Wizardia. I have over 7 years of experience in SaaS development, game development, and project management. I’m responsible for growing Wizardia’s global presence by identifying and securing new working partnerships.

Mind|Wizardia: I’m Mindaugas or Mind in short, the CEO of Wizardia. You know, crypto space loves shorter names. I’m an Entrepreneur, team leader, crypto investor. I’ve been gaming/working on games all my life and Wizardia is the passion project I’ve been looking for for a long time. We have worked with all of our core team 10 year ago already. Did over 200 different projects including games, websites, browser based apps, video streaming solutions, AR solutions and the list goes on. I would say our team has been through a lot together, we are even more experienced now and that is what will make us succeed with Wizardia!

Eligijus|Wizardia: Let me introduce our key members too

1/ Tom (COO) - Well connected entrepreneur, digital marketing guru and a very organized person in general. My founding partner who worked with big brands like Ferrari, Redbull, Nokia and has several successful software companies.

2/ Marius (CTO) - Experienced digital back-end expert, team leader/idea generator who has his own several successful software companies, worked on Ferrari, Redbull and many more!

3/ Mantas (Creative director) - Digital artist and designer with extensive experience in creating moving image content for video games, film, art and non-profit organizations. The guy with the most impressive resume of AAA games. Worked with Call of duty, the Division, Eve Valkyrie, the Crew and many more!

4/ Gediminas (Game design - consultant) - game designer with over a decade of experience in the professional game industry. He has years of industry knowledge behind him, which he earned as the Director of the Lithuanian Game Developers Association, the Head of Studio at No Brake Games Vilnius, and the lead game designer at Nordcurrent.

Reza / DAOLaunch: Such a nice and diverse mix! Who’s the crypto nerd on your team?

Eligijus|Wizardia: Probably we all are in a bit, but If I could name one, that would be Mindaugas.

Reza / DAOLaunch: Where is the team mainly based?

Eligijus|Wizardia: I would say It’s global, but most of the team is in Lithuania. I am in Greece, Tom is in England. So we are quite a bit spread out!

Reza / DAOLaunch: The beauty of crypto is having a remote team! @MindMark you mentioned Wizardia is a passion project of yours, can you share a little bit about the idea and how it’s come to take its current form?

Mind|Wizardia: The inspiration was there for a long time, the technology lacked… The past few years my co-founder Tom and myself were actively investing in crypto and defi. Last year we noticed such huge traction within the NFT and crypto world we decided to go back to our gaming roots. The main reason was that the technology was there to make a game that we imagined for around a decade, especially in AR capabilities and NFT market, which fits perfectly into our vision of Wizardia. And about the game’s general idea: Wizardia is a Play-to-Earn game rich with deep lore, captivating combat mechanics, a focus on immersive spell discovery, and a highly rewarding crafting system. Set in a futuristic world enhanced by magic. Wizardia’s cutting-edge art style is a unique mix of Dark Fantasy and Sci-fi. It is still taking it’s form and evolving as we work on it. we’re excited to be part of this “alive” process.

Reza / DAOLaunch: it’s great to see you did not give up on your dream, really inspiring and super cool. What has been your highest and lowest points o the project?

Eligijus|Wizardia: Our highest points by now are probably our rapid community growth and our NFT sales. We already have a 380k community across all platforms. We sold out our first Arena Genesis NFT round in less than 24 hours, second round sold out in a few weeks and our third round is already running! Also really looking forward our IEO on gate.io and alpha game launch. I’m not sure about our lower points. Probably we were not ready for the trolls and negative feedback from people who just want to make a quick buck with Wizardia. We tried to reason with them, answer all of their questions be we decided not to bother as we realized that any success is followed by haters too. That’s just how life is!

Reza / DAOLaunch : lots of people in this industry just want to make a quick buck out of us builders. Need to be careful who you take advice from.

Eligijus|Wizardia: Yeah, we don’t want those in Wizardia!

Reza / DAOLaunch : Please list three reasons why DAOlaunch user should get involved with Wizardia?

Eligijus|Wizardia: I love talking about community so It It’s the first reason! We have a really big community already and a lot of our community are believers of the game, not speculators that want to earn a quick buck as I mentioned before.

Then the WZRD token itself. The WZRD token that will be sold during the IDO will be used in our actual game so having It from the start is a good idea. When the demand is high, you will probably not be able to buy It so cheap! Also our staking rewards are really amazing! Staking launches together with our token launch too. And the exciting part! Wizardia will have an AR/VR integration by the end of the year!

Reza / DAOLaunch : Can you share with us a little bit more about AR/VR integration?

Mind|Wizardia: So you can imagine it as pokemon go - on STEROIDS just with magic and wizards various quests, secret maps, treasures and NFTs to discover while using real world map integration and AR functionalities for Arena battles !

Reza / DAOLaunch : What’s the best way for users to get involved in Wizardia?

Eligijus|Wizardia: The best way to get involved in Wizardia is by joining our communities and learning about Wizardia itself from our website, lightpaper and our partners. You can find all information with one link: Wizardia | Linktree

Reza / DAOLaunch : Can you share and comment with us a little about your Tokenomics?

Eligijus|Wizardia: Our tokenomics are really simple. I think It would be best to just jump on our website and check them out! You can find It here: Tokenomics | Wizardia. But If you check It closely you will see that our own team has a really long vesting schedule because we believe in the project that much!

Reza / DAOLaunch : Please share more about your upcoming roadmap and exciting updates!

Eligijus|Wizardia: Same as for tokenomics, you can find our full road map on our website wizardia.io so probably I would better tell you what we achieved so far and what we are planning to do! There are many achievements that our Wizardias team reached recently. Some of them are:

  • We grew our community to over 380k users

  • We onboarded quite a few amazing launchpads for our IDO like you guys :heart:

  • We sold out our first round in under 24 hours, we sold the second round in 2 weeks and the third round is running right now. Hurry and get your NFT here: Wizardia - The Best Play to Earn NFT Game

  • We made a lot of really important relationships with projects like Illuvium, Solchicks, UFO gaming and more!

For next few months our biggest goals are:

  • Go through a successful IDO and IEO on gate.io

  • Launch our Wizard NFT sale at the end of March

  • Grow our community to 400k users at the start By the end of this month.

  • Launch our Alpha and then Beta version of the Wizardia game! Q2

Part 2: Community Questions

DAOlauncher: I want to support your project, Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate ?

Eligijus|Wizardia: You can join our partners program and earn really good commissions from the NFT sales Wizardia Partners. The actual Ambassador program will be released in the near future!

DAOlauncher: There is a mention of Genesis NFT in your whitepaper. Other than Arena Genesis NFT, what other Genesis NFTs do you have planned for the game? Is there any way to obtain them by playing? Or only by buying in marketplace?

So Genesis structures like the Arena are Revenue generating NFTs.

Mind|Wizardia: The next upcoming Genesis structure is the global marketplace. Firstly Genesis NFTs will only be available for purchase, like the current Arena Genesis NFT, but the new Genesis NFTs will definitely have a way to be earned in the game. for example - as tournament rewards!

DAOlauncher: Does Wizardia have a beta test program, bug bounty or something? how to participate?

Eligijus|Wizardia: We have an option for most active community members to participate in our game launches before the public sees It. We do not have a bug bounty program, but we allow our top community members to be early testers of the game! Communities can be found here: Wizardia | Linktree

DAOlauncher: Can you give an overview of the Tokenomics and Utility of $WZRD tokens?

Eligijus|Wizardia: The $WZRD token is the core utility token and in-game currency of the Wizardia game and future metaverse. In the interests of building a long-lasting and sustainable game economy, 300,000,000 (three hundred million) $WZRD tokens will be minted on the Solana network. There will also be a bridge to Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The $WZRD token will be a utility token, with staking for stability and reward; elements of yield farming; and internal medium of exchange use cases. Token utility can be divided into player-to-player and player-to-vault(-to-player) mechanisms.

DAOlauncher: You mention that the owner of a proto-spell influences the game economy and reaps benefits even in the real world, how can I get a proto-spell? Are there different types of proto-spells? What benefits can they bring me both in the game and in the real world?

Mind|Wizardia: Protospells are the original magic of Wizardia, and are the core of the whole game concept. They are like a blueprint of all things magical. So you can call them trade secret because they allow you to craft magic with abilities like: controlling elements, manipulating reality, summoning allies… and many other in-game mechanics and recipes that you could imagine are important in Wizardia. From potion recipes, and regular spells to wizard augmentation and spell transformation.

The real world rewards come when you discover one of the protospells in the game and get the NFT. Then you have a choice:to use the power of that protospell for yourself only OR to share it with other players for passive royalties. the fun thing is - some protospells can be very rare or even unique. so they should in very high demand…

Reza / DAOLaunch : Awesome questions from the community and we were treated to some great answers. Thank you for a very engaging and informative AMA.

Eligijus|Wizardia: Thank you for having us!

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do you think the new tokenomics vesting is good for us ?