[A5 Community Rewards] DAOLaunch

Looking forward to the success of this project. I shared it with my friends, on Twitter, on Telegram groups and also bookmarked it on Coingecko.

I will continue to share the link so i can support it more, thanks again for the contest.

BSC wallet address: 0x3C9d6d04C8d950e07666DCc30913Bfb3eF4f5fD0




Hey! For this contribution you have earned 3 points.

*Maximum conversion 1 point=12.5 DAL.

Here is a link to how we calculate rewards.

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Thanks for your answer Reza !

I will continue to support this project on social networks, irl friends, Telegram as well as via other contest here :slightly_smiling_face:

DaoLaunch will surely shape the future, everyone should support it :fire: :rocket: