[A6] How to do daily works [MStation Series]

In the previous part, you already know how to Recruit characters in MStation. But how do you bring the characters into the mine to work and generate passive income for us, even when we are sleeping?

Don’t miss this special part. Because this will be a guide to help you make more profit from MStation.

In this article, we will guide you on how to add NFT to the mine and Harvest BSCD

:memo: Preparation

In order to give NFT into the mine & start working to harvest BSCD users need to prepare:

  • $BNB token: for transaction fee
  • The wallet that connected to Binance Smart Chain network
  • Character

:hammer_and_wrench: Start Working:

Step 1: go to the website: https://mstation.io/ → Click on “DAILY WORKS’ section

Step 2: Connect your Wallet
Step 3: Select “ DAILY WORKS
Users will be able to choose the mining pool that is suitable for each individual’s requirements. A total of 7 types of mines are being exploited on the planet BSCSdium.
Select “ Change


  • Different mines (except Community Hall) will require different Heroes and Attributes
  • If you don’t click “ Change ”, the system will automatically choose a suitable hero for working

Step 4: The screen will show a list of crews that you want to send for working at the mine

Select the crew you want to send to working then press “ Confirm”

The screen will display the character you have chosen to mine as shown below.

Step 5: Click on “ Approve " And the screen will show a message board to confirm the transaction on Blockchain, please press “ Confirm

Step 6: Click on “ Start Working”

Click on “ Confirm “ to confirm the transaction

So you have completed the steps to put your character in the Working Place. In order to check the characters are working, please go to “ Working info


  • You can choose multiple heroes to work at the same place
  • Each workplace will have a different percentage of BSCD reward
  • Different characters have different skills in work, please pay attention to the requirements in each station. The higher level a station is, the more BSCD you can earn.

Take a break

When your Spaceventure’s working time has exceeded 423,000 blocks, approximately 15 days, the salary will be reduced to 80%

When your Spaceventure’s working time has exceeded 864,000 blocks, approximately 30 days, the salary will be reduced to 5%

When your Spaceventure’s working time has exceeded 1,728,000 blocks, approximately 60 days, the salary will be reduced to 0%.

Please refill the Spaceventures Energy with BSCD to bring back the productivity to normal.

In addition, the daily BSCD rewards a Spaceventure can get will also be affected by the economy, where the price BSCD in BUSD will change the BSCD received accordingly.

See More Detail at: https://docs.mstation.io/earn/daily-works

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