[A6] How to join DAOLaunch Community Reward

This is my guideline to help new users can enjoy DAOLaunch reward party :heart_eyes:
Step 1: Go to https://forum.daolaunch.net/ from your web browser and click on Sign up/Log in
Step 2: Update your information, then click “Create your account”
Step 3: Check mail then access the link from daolaunch@discoursemail.com to verify your account
Step 4: Choose the language you want to participate in
Step 5: Create a new topic to have a chance to receive reward from DAOLaunch
Step 6: Enjoy your status and share it with the community DAOLaunch community

Read more:
Medium link: Instructions on how to join daolaunch community reward
Twitter link: @BiVnSn60851516
My wallet address: 0x6d5Ed68ebC4d97cc2de65276C8fc6470cd4Acbeb


When is the project launched?

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What is the vision of this project

You should ask the founder and team DAOLaunch

that’s Helpful. Thanks you


Hi @van24son !

Thanks for creating a really nice article! The visuals are stunning :star_struck:
The DAOLaunch team is super impressed!

I have a few edits I’d like you to make when you have some time, if it’s okay. Nothing major.

  1. It should be :
    "Tag @Sakuro_dao not @sakudo_dao as you wrote :sweat_smile:

  2. Please change the list bit of your article to this too as we had some edits for the final part.
    “If you need a quick recap course about DAOLaunch, before you start then please study from our resource and give us comment if you have any questions !!”

All in all thank you so much and once the edits are made I can confirm how many points you have!

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The article was super nice. It should be added, in my opinion, that the wallet address required is a bsc wallet. i couldnt find that info anywhere in the how-to’s…

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Sorry Sir about the tag :sweat_smile: , I have just edited the above information.
Thanks, DAOLaunch team. If you need the person for Vietnam community, I would more be than happy to join and build community with DAOLaunch

thanks for your suggestion :heart_eyes:

will add this to instructions for the campaign, thanks for the suggestion!

@van24son please message me on telegram at @reza_daolaunch

Look forward to your message.

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I messaged for you on telegram , thanks Sir

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Thanks a lot .This is good for new members.