[A6] - How to Recruiting NFTs [MStation Series]

Step 1: go to the website: https://mstation.io/ → Click on “GAME” section

Step 2: Connect your Wallet

Currently, MStation is supporting the following wallets:

After choosing a suitable wallet, users need to sign a request to verify the authorization as the popup shown below.

Please click “ Sign

Step 3: Recruiting NFTs

This is the interface of MStation after successful connecting the wallet

You will have many options to RECRUIT the character: press the “ < ” “ > ” icon to choose the suitable mint packs then click on the button

  • Recruit 1: Mint with 35 MST
  • Recruit 5: Mint with 175 MST
  • Recruit 10: Mint with 350 MST
  • Recruit 15: Mint with 525 MST

At this time, the screen will display a table to confirm the transaction on the blockchain network: Click “ Confirm

Step 4: Characters

Wait a moment and your character will appear

You will randomly recruit a Spaceventure. You can see the details of the character’s attributes in the “ Check Details ” section.

Each character will have their own Attribute stats with advantaged attribute and the station required attributes (that would need to work on high-level Station).

Now head on to Daily Works and let the spaceventures start working. You could check more details about 12 characters of MStation at: https://docs.mstation.io/play/characters

Enjoy your Character and Goodluck!!!

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