[A6] How to translate community content into your native language

Hello everyone, in this guideline Id like to share with you how to be able to translate content/text into your native language, so you can enjoy it too!

Step 1: Go to https://forum.daolaunch.net/ and head to a section or text that you would like to read.
Step 2: Select the text section you want to read, then right-click and select “Copy”
Step 3: Go to DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator
Step 4: Select above the second blank text field the language you’d like to have the text translated to
Step 5: Right-click inside the left blank text field and select “Paste”
Step 6: Happy reading :slight_smile:

ステップ1: https://forum.daolaunch.net/ にアクセスし、読みたいセクションやテキストに向かいます。
ステップ2: 読みたいテキストセクションを選択し、右クリックして "Copy "を選択します。
ステップ3: DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator に移動します。
ステップ4: 2番目の空欄のテキストフィールドの上で、テキストを翻訳したい言語を選択します。
Step 5: 左側の空欄を右クリックして、"Paste "を選択します。
ステップ6:ハッピーリーディング :significant_smile:

Here is an example from English to Japanese:

Here is an example of Japanese → English: Link

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