[A6] Instruction to join METAXY IDO

In order to guarantee an allocation for an IDO on DAOLaunch, users have to stake a certain amount of $DAL or BUSD-DAL LP tokens β€” official DAOLaunch tokens

Allocation varies depending on how much $DAL or LP tokens one stakes. The more tokens staked, the higher the tier.

Check the following tiers of DAOLaunch:

  • Entry: Staking 100 DAL or 80 BUSD-DAL LP => Pool Weight: 1
  • Bronze: Staking 200 DAL or 160 BUSD-DAL LP => Pool Weight: 2.5
  • Silver: Staking 500 DAL or 400 BUSD-DAL LP => Pool Weight: 7
  • Gold: Staking 1,000 DAL or 800 BUSD-DAL LP => Pool Weight: 15
  • Platinum: Staking 2,000 DAL or 1600 BUSD-DAL LP => Pool Weight: 31
  • Diamond : Staking 4000 DAL or 3200 BUSD-DAL LP => Pool Weight: 64

1. For DAL/ BUSD-DAL LP holders:

  • Stake a certain amount of DAL tokens or BUSD-DAL LP tokens as stated in the tier model above.
  • Provide your information in this FORM

*Staking instructions:

Step 1 : Go to Staking pages of DAOLaunch

Step 2: Connect to the wallet

  1. Connect to your Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet by clicking the Connect button (top right-hand side).
  2. Click Unlock Wallet.

Step 3: Choose which Start Pool you want to stake in

Read more at: https://daolaunch.net/how-to-stake-dal-dal-busd-lp-tokens-on-bscstation/

2. For non-holders:

For non-holders who don’t stake DAL or BUSD-DAL LP, there is still a chance for you to join IDO by completing the Gleam contest in DAOLaunch by the link HERE

  • Winner list will be randomly chosen from the Gleam contest participants (invite more friends to have more chance to become a winner)
  • 500 randomly whitelisted addresses but only 200 can join Metaxy token sale (FCFS)
  • :moneybag:$15 each

:spiral_calendar:Community whitelist schedule:
Whitelist Starts: 10 Jan, 14:00 UTC
Whitelist Ends: 16 Jan, 14:00 UTC
Result Announced: 17 Jan, 14:00 UTC
FCFS round: 18 Jan, 18:00 UTC - 24 Dec, 20:00 UTC
Vesting periods: 25% at TGE, then 25% monthly in the next 3 months
Listing: 20 Jan

Source: DAOlaunch & Metaxy Announcement
More information:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @DAOLaunchOfficial


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