[A6] Step by Step to Create a Phantom Wallet:

Hello DAOlaunchers,
Today I will introduce the way to create a new Phantom wallet which used to receive GameYoo token after launching at DAOlaunch.

1. Download the extension

To download the Phantom wallet extension, go to the Phantom website or Google Chrome extension store or Firefox extension.

Choose the Browser you want to set up and Click on the Add to Chrome/ Add to Firefox button.


2. Click on Phantom Wallet extension

On the successful installation, the Phantom wallet window will automatically open in the new tab. If not, you can click the puzzle icon on the top right of your browser and click on the Phantom Wallet .

For the faster access in the subsequent times, you can use ‘pin icon’ to pin the Phantom Wallet extension.

3. Click on Create New Wallet

After clicking the Phantom Wallet, you could see two options:

  • Create New Wallet
  • Use Secret Recovery Phrase

Since you are a new user, click on Create New Wallet

4. Storing Secret Recovery Phrase

After clicking the Create New Wallet, you could see the Secret Recovery Phrase.

Kindly note it somewhere private. You could only recover your account via Secret Phrase. Don’t take a screenshot or capture by your phone.

You can copy the code by clicking the Copy button underneath the Secret Recovery Phrase.

5. Create a password for your wallet

The next step will be creating a password for your Phantom Wallet.

6. Use Phantom

On the successful completion of all steps mentioned here, you could see the message below. Click Finish .

7. Phantom display


thanks AD for helpful information

how can copy the wallet address to paste on the form bro?

you can click on the name of wallet “Wallet 1”