[A6] Step by step to join IDO on potential project DAOLaunch

  1. Rules of Participation
    There will be two types of rounds for each project that launches at DAOlaunch: the guarantee round and the community round. These two rounds are intended to provide the wider community with access to early-stage projects, and as a gift of gratitude to those who have supported DAOLaunch.
  2. Conditions of participation
    • To participate in the guarantee round, users need to stake a fixed amount of tokens to be allocated according to the corresponding level. . In addition, you need to complete some tasks such as following social networks, participating in the community … to be eligible for the allocation. (Detailed allocation table below)

Note: users must stake DAL 24h before IDO start time. At the same time, users are only allocated 1 tier per project. For Spinning coin and DAOpunk NFT holders, they can participate in 1 more project per month with the following allocation:
DAOpunk NFT – Gold allocation tier
DAOPunks NFT – Gold Tier
Gold DAL Spinning Coin NFT - Gold Tier
Silver DAL Spinning Coin NFT – Silver Tier
Bronze DAL Spinning Coin NFT – Bronze Tier

Allocation calculation example

If DAOLaunch raises $100k for the IDO token sale of project A with an IDO price of 0.1 equivalent to 1 million tokens and has 300 Entry Members, 200 Bronze Members, 50 Silver Members, 20 Gold Members, 10 Members Platinum, and 5 Diamond Members

Entry has a weight of 1, Bronze has a weight of 2.5, silver has a weight of 7, gold has a weight of 15, platinum has a weight of 31, diamond has a weight of 64. Total weight of all eligible buyers in this example it is (300*1) + (200 * 2.5) + (50 * 7) + (20 * 15) + (10 * 31) + (5 * 64) = 2080; The number of tokens allocated per unit is 1,000,000 / 2080 = 480.7.

Each Entry level user will receive: 480.7 * 1 = 480.7
Each Entry level user will receive: 480.7 * 2.5 = 576.8
Each Silver user will receive: 480.7 * 7 = 3365
Each Gold user will get: 480.7 * 15 = 7210
Each Platinum user will receive: 480.7 * 31 = 14901
Each Diamond user will receive: 480.7 * 64 = 30765

• Community round is open to everyone, in this round users need to do tasks on social networks for a chance to get chance to buy IDO tokens (FCFS applies)

  1. Steps to join

Step 1: Stake DAL/ DAL-BUSD (snapshot time 24 hours before IDO starts)

Step 1.1 Visit the Start Pools page: BSCStation or Farm pool: BSCStation
Step 1.2: Connect a compatible wallet to your BSC network by clicking the Connect button (op right-hand side)

Step 1.3: Choose which Start Pool or Farm Pool you want to stake in

  1. Select a pool: Stale DAL / Earn DAL pool
  2. Once you choose a pool, click the Enable button . Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
  3. The Enable button should now be replaced with Stake . Click the button to bring up the staking menu.
  4. Type in an amount choose how much DAL you want to stake.
  5. Click Confirm . Your wallet will ask you to confirm the action.
  6. The Confirm button will change to Confirming”, then once the transaction is successful, you’ll see your staked amount change and the button will change again.
  7. You should now be able to see details on your Start Pool.

Step 2: Fill out the required form of each project (follow DAOLaunch channel for fastest updates)
Step 3: Join tokensale on DAOLaunch Dapp
Step 3.1: Visit DAOLaunch dApps: https://app.daolaunch.net/featured

→ Connect with dAPP compatible wallets such as Metamask → From the Menu, go to “Invest” => click on “Featured” → Choose the project you want to see the detail !!
Step 3.2: Click on a project, you can see the detail (Please make sure that the connected wallet address has the right to purchase) ->Click “understand” First. If you are whitelisted, proceed to click “Purchase”

Step 3.3: When you purchase tokens, Approve the transaction in your wallet.

Project information:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DAOLaunch
Telegram group: Telegram: Contact @daolaunchcommunity
Telegram channel: Telegram: Contact @DAOLaunchOfficial
Telegram Vietnam: Telegram: Contact @daolaunchvietnam
Discord: DaoLaunch

Wallet address: 0x6d5Ed68ebC4d97cc2de65276C8fc6470cd4Acbeb


Vietnamese Version: https://bitly.com.vn/lj043k


Don’t miss lastest IDO project on DAOlaunch guys


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why dont stake on DAOlaunch website instead of BSCS?

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Because of some technical problems, staking function on DAOlaunch website will run later, For now you can stake on BSCS and have a chance to join IDO tokensale normally

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