[A8] - ANIMAL CONCERTS overview - metaverse entertainment platform

What is Animal Concerts?

Banking and payment systems are inefficient and outdated. Using native Animal Tokens you

can easily jump on an App and make accurate & fair payments to participants or artists involved.

No longer do we have to wait to “wire transfer” or worry if the banks are open during weekdays.

Animal Tokens provide the platform for dedicated fans to directly participate, whilst artists get

compensated via the Artist to Audience protocol.

This is the first step that Animal is conducting to reshape the industry. But let’s also address the

elephant in the room; cryptocurrency is considered more attractive to the next generation of

consumers, those who grew up as digital natives. But primarily, a tokenised ecosystem enables

Additional Benefits of a Tokenised Concerts Ecosystem

  • Ability to capture a greater percentage of users discretionary income

  • Integrating into a digital environment such as the Metaverse requires a digital currency to

reduce friction

  • Traditional revenue models experience significant leakage due to middlemen and inefficiencies


Animal Concerts is focused on serving multiple stakeholders across the event ecosystem, including fans, artists, management teams, and major brands, taking advantage of the vast and incredibly exciting opportunities within the 2D and 3D digital world.

They have Studios in London, New York, Miami, LA and San Franciso to record metaverse concerts. They provide a turnkey soltuion for artists to safely take the leap into streaming in all major metaverse platforms.

  • Artists: provide tailored solutions for live and non-live metaverse concert experiences, from 3D content production and animation to sales and marketing, distribution and NFT design, minting and distribution.

  • Management Teams: Animal Concerts works with management teams to identify the best approach for their artists, considering the existing fan base, online presence and fit across the various distribution platforms

  • Brands: The virtual world opens-up an entirely new catalogue of advertising inventory and opportunities for brands to expand their reach and deepen their relevance with new audiences

  1. Tokenomics

Animal Token is the primary means of exchange for data, content or services utilised and purchased

Animal Token is a governance token, whereby token holders vote on proposals to change the network and service features

Token name: Animal Concerts

Symbol: $ANML

Total supply: 12,500,000,000 ANML

Precision: 18

Smart contract: updating


The Team

Made up of Executives from Technology, Software Development & Blockchain, Banking & Hedge funds, Media & Retail, Animal Concerts has a highly ambitious and driven team who will work together to bring blockchain to the music & entertainment industry in a way that the world has never seen before.

Colin Fitzpatrick - Founder and Chief Executive Officer: Colin is a 20 year veteran of the tech industry having a distinguished career working for companies such as Oracle, Salesforce, HubSpot and Dell, in roles spanning Sales, Marketing, Programs & Management. He has a real passion for people, leading teams and working with high growth businesses. Originally from Ireland but now living in Dubai, Colin has always had a keen interest in the technology space, but has been fascinated by the Crypto space since he first became a Crypto convert in 2015. His other main passion is Music, having been a DJ and club-night organiser for many years - Colin has fantastic energy and enthusiasm with everything he does.

Jeff Lombardi - Founder and Investor Relations: Ex-global head of private wealth for Citibank, Jeff has built and led numerous startups within large global financial institutions. He has a broad range of investment experience in both asset and wealth management. He has built a venture program at Alex. Brown, a global discretionary platform for Citibank’s Private Bank raising and managing over 9B in AUM and built Itau’s International Asset Management for offshore investing for Brazilian clients. Jeff has advised and managed assets for some of the largest private bank clients throughout the globe. Currently he is partner in at Silk Bridge Partners a private equity firm investing in SouthEast Asia focused primarily on Media and Fintech.

See more: https://animalconcerts.com/index.php/team/

The backers & investors

February 4th, 2022 — Animal Concerts, the next-generation entertainment platform, who has already hosted concerts with Busta Rhymes, Future and Alicia Keys, has successfully held a $6.75 million private round from a consortium of funds and token purchasers.
Some of the prominent backers within the private round included ZMT Capital, Maven Capital, Metrix Capital, Magnus Capital, Skybridge20, Arkn, Amesten Capital, Greenhorns Capital, Brotherhood VC, and Sheesha Finance. Additional supporters included Polygon and Klaytn through ecosystem grants, as well as Netvrk, Vera, and GlobalStar. Alongside the Venture Capital firms and consortiums were a number of angel investors such as:

  • Alex Smirnov (The co-founder of deBridge).
  • Heslin Kim (The co-founder of SupraOracles).
  • Theodore Agranat (The co-founder AlphaCrypto).
  • Yuen Ho Wong (The CEO of Labs Group).

Alongside the successful private round, the $ANML token was available for purchase on five project launchpads January 16–21, before selling $800k throughout the week. The launchpads included Vent Finance, Firestarter, Synapse Network,Polkabridge, Starter and DAOlaunch