[A8] - ARTINFINITY overview - new partner of DAOlaunch

  1. What is ArtInfinity?
    ARTINFINITY aims to build a Full-Stack DEFI with NFT 2.0, Gamefi, and Metaverse. It will become the economic infrastructure for Defi and NFT powered on multiple chains. We provide a powerful marketplace for your Dapp, allowing your items to be bought and sold quickly and easily.
    Solutions from Artinfinity bring the boom to NFT:
    Owners will receive royalties from NFT’s sales through the NFT exhibition.
    Developing NFT co-ownership model
    Build NFT connection model between chains via the bridge.
    Create character and item collections for game developers.
    Compatible with existing NFTs.
    We provide a powerful marketplace for your Dapp, allowing your items to be bought and sold quickly and easily. It’s battle-tested and frequented by the most active community in the NFT space. ARTINFINITY allows you to focus on design, content, and your users, while still having a full-featured marketplace for your project’s digital assets. Plus, you can set a fee on secondary sales so that you keep earning long after the initial item sale.
    Cross-chain: ARTINFINITY uses a cross-platform protocol. Using a variety of protocols and performing argument validation and execution verification makes transactions cost-effective and fast
    The lowest fee: The basic problem in most defi transactions is the high fees That’s why we solve this problem by building a stable yet decentralized ecosystem that provides solutions to reduce transaction fees when trading or liquidating NFTs tokens.
    Secure and Safe: We offer the most advanced risk control system on the market. 100% security of transaction and customer information.
    Build a collection: We provide a space to create and develop NTF for the development of game characters and items. Here you can create content, images and build NTF for the sale and exchange of creative ideas for the purpose of designing and building game platforms

2. Core products
2.1 Exchange: ATF Swap uses an automated market maker (AMM) model where users trade against a liquidity pool. Users can use those tokens to reclaim their share, plus a portion of the trading fees. It’s faster, cheaper and anyone can use it easily, even beginners.

Swapping/Trading: ARTINFINITY lets users trade without the need to go through a Centralized Exchange. Everything you do on ARTINFINITY is routed directly through your wallet—no need to trust someone else with your coins!

Liquidity Pools: Providing liquidity will get you LP Tokens, which will earn you rewards in the form of trading fees to ensure there’s always liquidity for the exchange to use.
Yield Farming: Yield farming lets users who provide liquidity earn ATF rewards by locking their LP tokens into a smart contract. The incentive is to balance out the risk of impermanent loss that comes along with locking in your liquidity.
2.2 Farms

Unlike Start Pools, Farms require you to stake two tokens to get LP Tokens, which you then stake in the Farm to earn rewards. This lets you earn ATF while still keeping a position in your other tokens!
2.3 NFT Marketplace

Building a co-ownership model for the purpose of settling the interests of co-owners can track the origin of derivative works and automate licensing process. Everyone who co-develop the artwork will jointly determine the intellectual property rights of the work on the ARTINFINITY NFT2.0 platform. To start selling your NFT on the Marketplace, you will need an artist profile.
2.4 Gamefi
This decentralized exchange game allows players to trade, withdraw easily, and swap a community directory and curated game tokens, collectibles, NFT, and in-game assets.
Several types of deals will be available:
FT to NFT and vice versa
NFT to NFT: Users can exchange one or more items for another item (or group of things).
Players will use the characters they own to complete missions to earn rewards. You can then expand your squad by picking up or reaching more in-game characters, other NFT characters. The value of characters is determined by their rarity, level, skills, in-game rating, and the items they carry.

3. Roadmap

Exchange: swap and liquidity for ATF/BUSD
Mint NFT: Create Artist Profile, Mint NFT
Sell/Transfer NFT:
Farms: Earn ATF by Staking LP
Start Pools: Stake ATF to Earn ATF
In Progress
GameFi: Play to Earn on the website.
Staking NFT: activate NFT boost of Genesis Card
Staking NFT: get the free token.
MINT NFT: Unbox NFTs character gameplay to earn

4. Tokenomics
• Name: ARTINFINITY token
• Symbol: ATF
• Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ATF
• Standard: BEP-20
• Precision: 18
• Network: Binance Smart Chain
• Smart Contract Address: updating

Use cases of AFT
ATF is the token that powers the ARTINFINITY ecosystem.
Earn ATF from Farms and Start Pools or buy it on the exchange, then explore its use cases:
• Stake it in Start Pools to earn free tokens
• Use it in Farms to earn more ATF
• Mint NFTs and start exploring the NFT Marketplace
• Grow your NFT collections and get rewarded through Artechain’s new environments
Deflation mechanism
• 20% transaction fees are used to redeem ATF tokens from the market and burn them.
10% ATF from the sale of Artechain proprietary NFTs.
5. Team

AFT team is a group that combines experienced professionals in the financial markets and young, dynamic, open-minded people, including marketing, engineering, market research, financial talent from blockchain projects. We aim to promote wider acceptance of gaming projects and create development space for NFT of in-game characters and digital assets on decentralized financial platforms.

CEO - Co-founder: Michael Nguyen - Before entering the crypto space. He is a market development consultant for new products. He has been involved in the crypto market since 2016 and has worked and advised on market expansion strategies for various blockchain projects. When participating in some Blockchain events in the Asian market. He sees a huge demand for the Blockchain space, especially the decentralized financial market, along with the trend of digital assets on the Blockchain platform.

Technical Advisor: Yong Philips – he has more than 8 years of product design and consulting for early-stage startups. He has more than 5 years of working with blockchain and cryptocurrency products. He will be the man that makes sure ArtInfinity Platform is an advisor at its best stage.

Backend Specialist – Hary Hwang- He is an expert in blockchain research and development, Defi applications. He has 5 years of experience building smart contract development on Ethereum, exchanges and wallets, bringing with him in-depth development experience.