[A8] Avem overview

1. What is Avem?

Avem is a cross-chain DeFi infrastructure built on top of Polkadot as a Layer 1 Parachain. The platform allows the trade and custody of Utility and Security Tokens. Headquarters are based in the Crypto Valley, Switzerland.

2. Why Avem?
We have seen that big institutions seek to enter and use DeFi but struggle to do so because there are few protocols that are compliant with current
laws. Here is where Avem comes in, featuring a fully compliant DeFi platform to minimize future risks, as well as building a DLT Bank.

3. Blockchain (Parachain)

Our infrastructure has specific characteristics which gives us an advantage compared to other parachains as we are fully custom to the bankable world. Our blockchain will be regulated with KYC and KYB and feature Zero Knowledge Proofs to make private and compliant transferrals of money between institutions and retail a reality.

Part of the Nodes will be built from institutions such as family offices, companies, etc., in order to have a strong infrastructure support. Governance proposals will be made available for the users and community.

5. Avem Token

Our token is EVM compatible inside Polkadot as the aim is that the blockchain is accessed through MetaMask and MetaMask Institutional. We want the UX to be as user-friendly as possible. Wrapped CBDCs within the blockchain will be available, so that they can be traded.

6. Investors
Ritossa Family Office, GSR, Shima Capital, X21 Digital, etc.

7. The Vision

8. Team

9. Latest Achievements
One of our latest achievements, is doing workshops with the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) (Central Bank of Central Banks), in order to tokenize bonds for countries as they can be trade as Security Tokens inside Avem.

We are incubated by Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, the most prestigious accelerator in Blockchain:

10. Links
Pitch Deck:
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