[A8] - Bikearn Overview

Bikearn is a Web3 Exercise App based on Move-to-Earn and Game-Fi system, built on Binance Smart Chain network. Users equipped with NFT Bike can earn tokens by cycling the bicycle to school, workplace, trips or training. Bikearn makes cycling fun for everyone, whether it be for leisure or for fitness. The app features cycling routes that are created by professionals and are easy to follow. Cyclers will be able to keep up with their friends who are also biking on the app.

Become a Bikearn Rider today, and you’ll start earning money on every mile you bike!

1 β€” What is Unique About Bikearn?

1. Inclusiveness

Cycling has positive impact on the physical and, thus, the mental health, and on environment by reducing the use of fossil fuels and pollution. It varies in intensity, so it’s suitable for all levels and wide age range. Everyone who enjoys cycling can benefit from the app by earning tokens while transporting between locations in their daily lives.

2. Strong Team

Each of the team members of Bikearn have successful careers under their belt in different fields such as technology, investment, marketing, design and game. Bikearn is a product of professionals with diverse backgrounds, and the app is supported by the combination of competencies by this highly talented team.

3. Unique, High-Value NFTs

Bikearn provides different types of bikes in the NFT form with different optimal speeds. These NFT Bikes can be upgraded, maintained and forged by use of $RTE , and the attributes of each NFT Bikes will be different depending on the performance and preference of the individual user. These Bikes can be bought, sold and rented through Marketplace , making them valuable assets to have. Moreover, the bikes affect the performance in tournaments and marathons in which $RTE tokens can be earned, thus NFT Bikes are lucrative investments as well.

4. High Tech Product

Bikearn is constantly improved by its latest engineering practices to ensure smooth and pleasant user experience. The app is easy to use so that users can implement it into their daily lives without putting significant effort. Smart In-App Wallet will allow users to trade, swap, send, receive without any hustle, and newly developed AI system prevents users from cheating.

2 β€” Gameplay-Riding Modes

NFTs Bike System

Bikearn provides different types of bikes in the NFT form with different optimal speeds. Each bike have 4 parts that can be improved, which affect different types of Attributes . These Attributes determine the performance, thus affect the tokens that can be earned. The Type and Rareness of a bike will also affect the Attributes. The 4 type of Attributes are as follows:

There are 3 modes available in Bikearn App for the use of cyclers:

Solo Mode

  • Users can cycle anytime with their NFT bike in this mode.
  • Users may enable daily exercise, training, and cycling to school , workplace, etc.
  • The amount of token earning in this mode corresponds to 4 bicycle attributes.
  • The quality of GPS and overall speed affect the quantity of tokens earned.

Tournament Mode

  • This mode is organized for users 4 times in a month.
  • Users need to use tokens as fees to be able to participate.
  • Top cyclers who finish the longest road in 20–30 minutes (depending on the rule of each tournament) among a group are awarded.

Marathon Mode

  • This mode is organized 1 time in a month.
  • Users need to use tokens as fees to be able to participate.
  • Top cyclers who finish the designated road in the shortest time (depending on the rule of each Marathon) among a group are awarded.

3 β€” Tokenomics

$RTE is the Governance and Utility token of the Bikearn which is fully integrated with the Binance Smart Chain. In Bikearn, users will earn $RTE by cycling their bikes to school, work, trips etc. and upgrading their NFT Bikes . Use cases of $RTE are as follows:

  • Buy or hire a bikes on the marketplace,
  • Sell or lease bikes,
  • Upgrade and repair bikes,
  • Forge two bicycles to mint a more effective bikes.

Only bicycles with Level of more than 20 can earn $RTE. $RTE earning per route for all users is calculated using the following formula:

Token Metrics and the Vesting Schedule presented by Bikearn as follows:

4 β€” Roadmap

May 2022

Beta Release

June 2022

-Version 1 Release

Q3 2022

-Version 2 Release
-Tournament Marathon
-Marketplace V2 Hire Bike

5 β€” Partners & Investors