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1.What is BIRD?
Bird.Money is combining bleeding-edge technologies to deliver new DeFi products to all members of our flock.
Our mission is to harness the power of data to create a financial ecosystem tailored to you. We’re using our off-chain oracle analytics to provide protocols with trust data that’s available on-chain.

With Bird, you will receive a reward commensurate with your worth. Bird rewards you for good behavior, accountability based on performance in the financial economy. That reward comes in the form of the best loans in all of DeFi, each of which is tailored to you and only you.

  1. Products
  • Oracle analytics: Bird’s analytics oracle allows developers to securely connect smart contracts to trusted, tamper-proof analytics products created using on-chain and off-chain data streams.

Leveling the big-tech playing field: By delivering cutting-edge machine learning predictions through a decentralized oracle interface, Bird is ensuring that teams of all sizes and skill levels can create a best-in-class targeted UX on their platforms.

Permissionless access means rapid adoption: Anyone, anywhere can supercharge their dapp using trusted cutting-edge analytics without complicated agreements or time-consuming in-house development, which means Bird is ready for rapid growth.

Free market price discovery: Just a handful of conglomerates hold a near-monopoly over big data user predictions, allowing them the power to choose who they sell to and for what price. With the Bird Analytics Oracle, all that is changing.

  • Defi credit score: Just a handful of conglomerates hold a near-monopoly over big data user predictions, allowing them the power to choose who they sell to and for what price. With the Bird Analytics Oracle, all that is changing

Portfolio management : Credit analytics allow protocol administrators, investors and even borrowers to better understand the overall risk contained in a pool. Bird’s analytics enables new insights into DeFi lending.

Undercollaterized lending : For millions of people around the world, DeFi will serve as their only access to life-changing capital. For this to become a reality, collateral requirements must be lowered. Bird’s credit scores make this possible.

Product Innovation : Mainstream adoption of DeFi lending requires new lending products that solve real-world problems for real-world borrowers. Bird’s cutting-edge credit risk analytics empower developers to push the boundaries of autonomous lending.

  • Launchpad score: By offering better investment terms to wallets that demonstrate a history of responsible, long-term investing, early-stage projects can raise smarter money and launchpads can attract new users. With Bird’s analytics, a new evolution of decentralized fundraising is here. The blockchain stores a rich history of complex investor behaviors. Bird’s analytics simplifiesthese activities into a single, powerful score.

High Value Investor: For upstart crypto projects, attracting early investors that are likely to hold their tokens for the long-term can make all the difference. Bird’s Investor Score allows projects to programmatically offer these wallets the best investment terms via a single, easy-to-use metric.

Low Value Investor: Blockchain is all about openness, so even if your past investing behaviors are focused on short-term profits, Bird-powered launchpads can still offer attractive investment terms. Bird’s Investor Score simply aligns your short-term profit objectives with the project’s long-term success.

  • Ecomm analytics: eCommerce owes its success to data science. Machine learning algorithms ensure you find only the products you want. With Bird, Web3.0 engineers can deliver the same superior experience, without the hassle and expense of in-house analytic development.

High Value prospect : Capturing high-dollar conversions is vital to the profitability of online retailers. These discerning shoppers demand product results that allow them to find their big-ticket purchases quickly and easily.

Low Value prospect : Building a shopping experience that can adapt to a range of budgets ensures that everyone visits your store first. Never showing products that are out of reach, even for the most price-sensitive buyers, is easy with Bird.

  1. Tokenomics

Name: Bird.Money

Symbol: BIRD

Max Supply - 140,000 Bird

Over 70% of Max Supply Burnt - From presale, The Max supply of BIRD is further reduced by over 70% from 900,000 $BIRD to just 140,000 $BIRD (Burn Total = 674,641 BIRD)

Contract : 0x8780fEA4C6b242677D4A397fE1110AC09Ce99ad2

Circulating Supply : 94,941.98

Token Allocation By The Numbers

54,641 — Presale Allocation (40%)

27,320.46 — Liquidity (20%)

27,320.46 — Development (20%)

13,660.25 — Marketing (10%)

13,660.25 — Team (10%)

Utility - Transactions made to obtain CCTS information for data consumers and lending platforms via the Bird.Money Trust Network will be paid for in BIRD token.

Exchange liquidity - Adequate liquidity supplied to exchanges to maintain healthy trading volume liquidity.

Lending platform - Used as a collateral supply function to leverage a higher CCTS score and elevated collateralized debt position (CDP) on the Bird.Money lending platform.

Farming - Part of the yield farming mechanism token pairs

Staking - Used to take BIRD token supply out of circulation and raise the integrity of the network.

For development, marketing, and listing we do not have an accurate allocation because we will move in the direction of the community. Each token usage will be discussed and announced before any unlock date and any amounts we don’t use will be relocked.

  1. Roadmap

  2. Team

Daniel — Founder & CEO

Data scientist and economist with over 15 years experience. Former Biotech CTO, Econometrics Director at a Fortune 100 FinTech, and Senior Analyst at Google, with additional specialties in risk classification for FinTech. 5 years of experience in blockchain software, hardware, investing and business development.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danieljstephens/

Simba - Founder & Director of Engineering

Engineer and academic researcher with 15 years experience in FinTech, data science and digital forensics. Former lead developer for defense contractors, technology startups and cryptography research. 10 years of experience in cryptography and 5 years of experience in blockchain.

Zazu - Founder & Software Engineer

Software developer and product designer with 15 years experience in FinTech, SaaS and mobile platform solutions. Specialties include money remittance, e-commerce and enterprise-grade architecture design. 5 years of experience in blockchain software, investing and business development.

Detail: Bird: Advanced Analytics Delivered On-Chain

  1. Partners & Backers

Additional information: Binance Labs Selects Bird to Participate in Season 3 of its Project Incubation Program


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