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«BOT PLANET» was created in 2021 by young crypto enthusiasts. While the project is fairly young, they have already moved quite a bit, taking small steps every day. The team takes big interest in new technologies, and they believe that all of them should be universal, simple and easy to master for every user. While developing the ecosystem they wanted to cover as many areas that involve crypto market as possible

BOT removes the common roadblocks that people face when first entering the world of cryptocurrency. People no longer have to be concerned about safety and complexity because there is now a user-friendly alternative. Not only do they provide all of these features to our community and users in a simple and secure manner, but they also make it enjoyable to do so. If the crypto space remained as it was prior to Bot Planet, it would never reach the masses.

So far, it has only been available to internet users, which means that a large number of people have not even seen it. From not understanding what the fuss is all about to stories of acquaintances permanently losing all of their money due to a blunder… It’s time to step it up a notch. The BOT Planet ecosystem is designed so that each service can reach a different audience. By combining everything, we are positioning ourselves to reach our full potential and become a global market leader.

2. BOT Ecosystem
2.1 DEX

A decentralized trading system BOTSwap is a distributed registry-based exchange that does not store user funds or personal data on its servers and only serves as a platform for finding matches on applications for the purchase or sale of user assets. Trading on such platforms occurs directly between participants (peer-to-peer), with no financial intermediaries involved.

On our BOTSwap, you will also be able to farm, stake, and view coin charts. That is, it will be more than just an exchanger. In addition, unlike many other similar DEX, our DEX will work across multiple networks.

2.2 BOT Wallet

The BOT Wallet is the simplest and most secure way to connect to the BOT ecosystem, as well as a simple way to store and exchange tokens. Everything you need to manage your digital assets in one place. Interactions in our decentralized network are always under your control.

Mobile transfer
Card top up
Accept payments
Process withdrawals
Enable purchases
Issue global cards

BOT Wallet generates passwords and keys on your device, allowing you to access your accounts and data only. You always get to decide what you want to share and what you want to keep private.

2.3 BOT Lottery

BOTLottery is an additional service that provides users with the opportunity to win large sums of money while also providing the system with an additional deflationary mechanism. The user buys a digital lottery ticket in the system, and the smart contract generates a random four-digit code with a value ranging from 1 to 14. Following generation, the code is distributed to users for matching. If the order of the numbers in the ticket and the code match, the user is declared the winner, and users who match the first two, three, or four numbers will also receive a guaranteed reward.

2.4 BOT NFT Marketplace

The marketplace is intended for the sale of BOT NFT and BOT GAME cards. There will be system offers created by artists on our team, NFTs previously acquired by NFT users, and NFTs created by independent artists. The service commission is 1% regardless of the amount; no other commissions or fees are expected. The market is traditionally divided into two sections. The game component, which is available both directly from the game and on a separate page where the project’s NFT and game cards are sold. There are sections for merchants where anyone can sell their NFT.

2.5 BOT Game

V0.1 of the BOT GAME – virtual card collection Play-to-Earn game The user gains access to the game, obtains his NFT character, and then battles other users using his Planet token. The winning user is awarded a fee less the service commission. He can use the token to improve the character in the future. Buying NFTs or cards from the marketplace or the in-game store. In our opinion, the Play-to-Earn game is the most convenient tool for involving early users in the ecosystem, as it allows you to evaluate the benefits of tokens, their capabilities, and the degree of product integration.

2.6 BOT Message

It is planned to implement a secure open-source decentralized messenger based on the BOTPlanet project blockchain. The idea of ​​the messenger is that for storing data inside a distributed registry, the messenger will actually belong to all users and it will be impossible to control, censor, or block it.The messenger will allow:

Send text messages
Exchange BOT directly with other users
Send voice-messages
Have voice calls
Have video calls
Earn tokens for completing tasks which include interaction with ads

The messenger is planned to carry out end-to-end encryption using Diffie-Hellman Curve25519, Salsa20, Poly1305 algorithms with SHA-256 + Ed25519 EdDSA signatures.

3. Tokenomics

  • Ticker: BOT
  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000 $BOT
  • Initial market cap: $368,000
  • IDO price: $0.016
  • Vesting periods: unlock 20% at TGE, then 20% per month in 4 months
Price Vesting (months)
Total Supply 1 000 000 000
Fundraise Cap $2 855 000
Seed $155 000 $0,0103 10 months
Private $2 100 000 $0,0140 10 months
IDO $600 000 $0,0160 4 months
TGE Circulating 2,31%
TGE Market Cap $368 800
Seed $10 333 333
Private sale $14 000 000
IDO $16 000 000

4. Roadmap

Q2 - Q3 2021

  • Office construction
  • App content
  • Testnet
  • Create bsc token
  • Audit of techrate (BSC)
  • SEED
  • Community creation
  • Wallet development
  • Blocking team tokens
  • Team presentation
  • Development of the technical specification of the NFT store and the game
  • KYC
  • NFT market development
  • Opening company

Q4 2021

  • WOW Summit
  • Partnerships
  • Onboarding VCs
  • Private Sale
  • Armors audit
  • Onboarding Advisors

Q1 – Q2 2022

  • IDO for community
  • Listing on pancakeswap
  • Listing on CEX
  • DEX Release
  • Farming
  • Staking
  • Bridge on ETH and loTex
  • Partnerships
  • Demo for the game
  • Release NFT boxes
  • NFT marketplace

Q3 – Q4 2022

  • Bot game release
  • Bridge to DOT
  • Streaming
  • Wallet
  • Partnership with VISA and launching a card program
  • Introduction of SOL, ETH, DOT into the game
  • Lottery release

Q1 – Q2 2023

  • Messenger
  • Updating the game (new patches)
  • Adding new NFT collection

5. The team & Advisors

5.1 The team

5.2 The advisors


Social Media of BOT PLANET
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