[A8] - Legend of Galaxy overview

1. What is Legend of Galaxy?

An appealing blockchain game with personalized NFT integrated in LFW Gamehub and ecosystem toward a true metaverse for the community.

Legend Of Galaxy is a crossroad game combined with general card role-playing; players will have the opportunity to recruit more than 100 characters and build the most powerful squad to participate in campaigns to conquer new territories in the galaxy.

In Legend Of Galaxy , players will collect and upgrade hero cards to overcoming challenges. Players have to strategically deploy their heroes in battles to fight against their enemies. Each hero possesses unique abilities so the number of combinations between the heroes seem to be infinite.


With the community-first approach, we strive to create the top blockchain game experience with enriched economic model in a metaverse ecosystem, which provides various values and benefits for our players, partners and investors.

We set out to develop the game with realism technology metaverse in the near future.


Legend of Galaxy aims to be a digital universe where every member has fair opportunities to participate, entertain, contribute and express their lifestyles digitally and reap handsome rewards.

2. Gameplay

The gameplay of Legend of Galaxy building on main factors: Mystery Box, Marketplace, Combat, Building, Discovery.

In Legend of Galaxy , there are more than 100 characters divided into 5 races: Human, Beast, Monster, Devil and Fairy. Each race has its own characteristics, powers and special abilities.

• In the first phase, the publisher provides 03 types of boxes:

Pioneer Box: High chance of unlocking a B Rarity Hero Card and a small chance to get an S Rarity Hero Card.

Explorer Box: High chance of unlocking an A Rarity Hero Card and a small chance to get an SS Rarity Hero Card.

Conqueror Box: High chance of getting an SSR Rarity Hero Card.

Referral Box: High chance of getting a B Rarity Hero Card and GEM.

Game Features

To experience the game, you only need to follow a few simple steps, such as registering an account and owning NFTs. You will use the heroes they own to complete missions to earn rewards. You can then improve your squad by collecting new NFT heroes in the game and upgrading them. The value of heroes is determined by their rarity, level, star, in-game rating and the items they carry.

Phase 1 - PvE Campaign: The Campaign consists of 15 maps in coherence with 15 battlefields of Legend Of Galaxy , each map will have corresponding missions along with the boss of the map, who is the strongest enemy and hold the most prized rewards.

Phase 2 - PVP:

· Requirements: minimum level of 20.

· Players will compete with each other in real-time battles…

· The victors will be rewarded with tokens and numerous resources to upgrade their heroes.

Phase 3 – Metaverse: The Metaverse of Legend Of Galaxy is an upgraded environment of the Legend Of Galaxy game, a virtual space made up of an upgraded previous play-to-earn game platform and augmented reality aids (such as VR glasses or other tools), to help players get the most authentic experience.

3. Tokenomics – GAE token

Token name: Legend Of Galaxy
Symbol: GAE
Initial Price: 0.02$
Contract Address:
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
The total supply: 500,000,000 GAE

The utilities

GAE is the token that powers the Legend Of Galaxy ecosystem.

Earn GAE from Farms and Staking Pools or buy them on the exchange, then use them for your personal interests:



As the main partner and incubator, LFW offers various benefits for users when joining the game

  • Participate in the LFW ecosystem: Gamehub, DeFi, early users of IDO on launchpad
  • Low transaction fees and smooth trading experience on our DEX
  • Convertible NFTs and Interoperable NFTs to be used in multiple games in the LFW game hub, creating a true metaverse for community
  • Occasionally receive airdrops of tokens and NFT from our partners or other new projects in the LFW ecosystem

4. Roadmap


Exchange: Swapping and liquidating GAE/BUSD

Mint NFT: Create Artist Profile, Mint NFT

Sell/Transfer NFT:

Farms: Earn GAE by Staking LP

Start Pools: Stake and Earn GAE

In Progress

GameFi: Play to Earn on the website.

Staking NFT: Activate NFT boost of Genesis Card

Staking NFT: Receiving free tokens.

MINT NFT: Unbox NFT characters

5. Incubator & Partner

Incubator: LFW

Partner: DAOlaunch, DareNFT, BSClaunch

6. Team


Michael Nguyen – CEO & Co-founder: Before entering the crypto field, he is a market development consultant for new products. He has been involved in the crypto market since 2016 and worked and advised on market expansion strategies for various blockchain projects. When participating in several Blockchain events in the Asian market, he sees a huge demand for the Blockchain space, especially the decentralized financial market, along with the trend of digital assets on the Blockchain platform.


Ken Hunt - Technical Advisor: Dr Ken Hunt has 8 years of experience in sustainable system design, product development, and entrepreneurship. He was a blockchain enthusiast since 2017 and currently working as a C-suite executive in a blockchain company. He has a strong technical background with a PhD degree and business development expertise with an MBA. He also consulted for several startups, industries and governments in deep tech. He is the one to ensure the project developing on a strong and sustainable track


Xavier Taylor – Advisor: Dr Xavier Taylor, currently co-CEO of a company developing blockchain gamehub and DEX, graduated with MS, PhD and MBA in Europe and the US. He has gained extensive experiences in leading R&D teams, multi-million dollar projects and C-suite stakeholder engagement. He is also founder and director of a research lab focusing on using Artificial Intelligence to solve challenging technical problems. Having 17 years of expertise in start-ups, digital innovations in academia, industries and charities.