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What is Mollector

Mollector is an NFT collectible auto-combat card game, built from scratch for Blockchain on Blockchain. The game offers an immersive experience that’s based on deckbuilding, strategy, and the Play-to-Earn approach, pushing the boundaries towards Play to Enjoy-Earn-Explore.

Inspired by the Hearthstone and Dungeons & Dragons world, Mollector takes place in a fantasy universe where magnificent beings from Six Factions co-exist and battle for supremacy.

Players, a.k.a Mollectors travel around an expanding game map called the New Galaxy, discovering new worlds, collect, trade, consume and upgrade heroes cards from Six Factions to compete against each other, defeat the World Bosses and save the universe. On top of that, each Hero Card in a player’s collection can be personalized with NFT arts of their own or purchased from Mollector’s marketplace.

The main focus of the game is to build a balanced game economy and challenging gameplay to give players both financial and entertainment values. Mollector features the best of both worlds - an “easy to play, hard to master” card game that can satisfy traditional gamers and an appealing earning mechanism for crypto enthusiasts.

Game Modes

Mollector offers players a wide variety of battle modes to enrich and diversify the gaming experience. The game is easy to play but hard to master. Winning a battle is simple but it takes a lot of time to research how using different cards can harm the opponents as some cards can be combined for devastating effects.

PvP Mode


Friendly matches, auto-match with opponents of equal strength (Deck Power). Players will receive or lose no ranking points. Casual mode does not consume Energy and costs no participation. Players can use casual mode to build and test different decks and formations.


Costs (RAD) and Energy to participate in each match, auto-matching with opponents of the same rank (PvP Ranking Point) and strength (Deck Power). The winner will be rewarded and promoted to a higher rank

Vs Friends

Select a friend from the player’s friend list and challenge. Costs no fees and no ranking points.

PvE Mode


Explore the game’s storyline through each territory, planet. Players will receive rewards after achieving certain milestones. Costs Energy to participate.

World Boss

Players form alliances to join the boss fight, the reward is divided weekly in accordance with the percentage of damage dealt with the boss and its minions.


Players explore a special map using RAD as the entrance fee. There will be rewards for players who complete the tasks.

Token Model

Mollector operates on a dual token economy - the governance token MOLECULE (MOL) and the in-game token RADIATION (RAD). The first token, known as Molecule or $MOL, is more influential than just a standard governance token that is mostly used in “pay-to-win” games. Meanwhile, the reward token - $RAD, will be used to access in-game features, modes and battles.

Mollector’s Play-to-Earn system is thoroughly calculated and designed to ensure that players at all levels with all purposes have the opportunity to earn. Furthermore, the Play-to-Earn mechanism of the game is carefully scaled to prevent hyperinflation through the self-balancing method.



Team & Advisors

Partners & investors

IDO Info

:clap: Mollector will be launching on 5 Launchpads . Here are the initial details:

  • Network: Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain)
  • Token: $MOL
  • Date: March 25th-27th, 2022
  • Price: $0.015
  • Raise Size: $750,000
  • Vesting: 25% at TGE and 25% per month over the next 3 months

:alarm_clock: Launchpads and Timeline

  • MaticLaunch: March 25th 2022
  • DAOLaunch: March 26th 2022
  • LuaStarter: March 26th & 27th 2022
  • BSCStaion: March 27th 2022
  • KingdomStarter: March 27th 2022

wallet: 0x53D5859986b93da2Ed7F7C9EC56860D0Ed9c0456

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