[A8] - Nunu spirits overview

1. What is Nunu spirits ?
Nunu Spirits is the first NFT game built on the P2E ecosystem – where you can grow plants in the real world! It is a project that combines the fun of casual gaming with blockchain’s play2earn capabilities while helping the environment. Nunu World uses 3 main assets NNT, NNU and NUGO.
In the game, players can easily see how many trees they have planted and where they are in the real world. In particular, the more trees a player grows in the real world, the greater their interest in the game. Besides, players can earn NUGO tokens for in-game actions. These tokens give them power in game development but are also tradable on exchanges for real value. Not only that, the NUNUs they earn and the real trees they turn into assets can also be traded.
2. Highlights
2.1 Game features
• Collect, swap, and print 3D NFT characters
• Fun, casual gameplay (wide audience)
• Soft competitive and cooperative play (races, rhythm, building, etc.)
• Evolve and grow your Nunus Thousands of unique characters with genetic and learned traits Plant real-world trees with in-game actions
• Grow real forests to unlock new game areas and game modes
• Developed in Unity3D for mobile platforms and beyond
• Future compatibility for VR/AR/3D Printed games

2.2 Blockchain features
• Blockchain tokenomics: Governance, vesting, staking
• Non-fungible token (NFT) asset ownership (NUNU token)
• Play to earn 2.0 (NUGO) - in-game rewards Carbon-reducing ecosystem (verified planting + carbon-neutral chain)
• Built on Avalanche blockchain protocols
• In-game access to NFT marketplace
• Decentralized digital currency
• Direct peer-to-peer exchange of tokens
• Governance - vote for new features, eco-fund allocations, and more

2.3 Ecological features
• Eco-fund from token sales and sustained with transaction fees
• Reforestation mission with decentralized governance
• Geolocation, date/time stamp, and username for tracing
• Represent the reforestation progress in the game world In-game rewards for real-world cleanup projects
• Additional ways to gain in-game and real-world rewards

3. Tokenomics
The tokenomics follows closely to other industry standards but automatically reserves a portion of revenues and adds it to the treasury to fund reforestation activities. 3 tokens is used: NUNU token – collection 3D NFT printable, NNT token – participate, governance, fixed supply, NUGO token – in-game currency burnable.

NNT token
• Token name: Nunu Spirits
• Ticker: NNT
• Token type: ERC-20
• Contract: Updating
• Blockchain: Avalanche
• Total supply: 150.000.000 NNT

Token allocation

4. Roadmap

5. Team

The team is highly experienced with game development, smart contracts, blockchain and NFTs. In mid-2021 it was contracted to work on a highly successful NFT game. Have excellent industry connections.

  1. Backers and investors

twitter post: https://twitter.com/Abccc82673310/status/1498231252067192833?s=20&t=GNRnD_gsXH7_NEtONKWGpw
wallet: 0x07c9033ec3EafBff93f0436f8Fa411c59F26C835

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