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What is GameYoo

GameYoo is building a platform where traditional gamers can come and use their game achievements to mint exclusive NFTs. At the same time, game developers can come and launch their games easily and at a low cost.

We will also create a PaaS platform. The main function of the GameYoo blockchain game PaaS platform is to help traditional game developers to enter the blockchain game field at a low cost and low technical requirements, without having to care about the obscure technical details of the blockchain, and can quickly transplant new and old games into the blockchain game. Blockchain game and publish it on GameYoo platform. The platform will include contracts and components commonly used in blockchain games. If tokens issuance, token vesting, multisig wallets, NFT markets, liquidity pools, pledge pools, etc., game developers can enjoy resources such as existing users of the platform for free, saving promotion costs.

Game Yoo NFT

NFT Mint

The achievements and ranks of users are minted into NFTs for free. After NFT is minted, the platform token GYC can be obtained. The main function of the token is platform governance voting.

Users mainly acquire tokens through NFT staking, liquidity mining, staking pool, etc.

Traditional Games NFT Mint



  • LOL

  • PUBG

  • APEX


  • etc


  • With Fixed price

  • NFT bidding and auctioning

NFT Introduction

The only requirement for you to enter the world of GameYoo is that you own your GameYoo NFT.

First, you have to mint your NFT using our platform, connecting the game that you play, and through public API to get your in-game stats and mint them into unique and amazing NFTs.

GameYoo PaaS Platform

What GameYoo Can Bring To Game Developers

  • Complete and easy-to-use interface, developers can change traditional games to on-chain game mode without any obstacles.

  • Technical support and start-up support for quality development teams.

  • Provide more traffic support for quality original games.

  • Hold regular player awards to reward quality game development teams.

  • Build a communication platform between players and development team, formation of trade unions and DAO organizations, attract good players to join our planning and development team.


  • Ticker: GYC

  • Chain: Solana

  • Total supply: 210,000,000

  • Initial market cap: $378,000

  • Public sale price: $0.18

  • Total raise on DAOLaunch: $50,000

  • Vesting periods: 20% at TGE then linear vesting in 3 months

  • Listing date: March 20


  • Private seed of 5% (3 months cliff, and linearly vest over 4 months, until it’s finished)

  • Private presale of 12% ( 2 months cliff, and linearly vest over 4 months, until it’s finished)

  • Launchpad (having 20% of it reserved for TGE, and 80% will linearly vest over 3 months until it’s finished.)

  • Advisors sale of 5% (Cliff of 3 months then linearly vest of 12 months)

  • Team sale of 5% (Cliff of 6 months then linearly vest of 36 months)

Token Usage

GYC is our native token. By holding GYC on our platform you will be able to have the following advantages:

  • Access to different liquidity pools and rewards.

  • In the future when we have different games launching on our platform, use your GYC to perform swaps with those in-game coins and tokens.



  • GameYoo website (01/23/22)

  • Whitepaper (01/30/22)

  • Marketing Campaign(02/08/22)

  • Reserve NFT Minting (02/18/22)

  • First Batch of NFT Minting (03/05/22)

  • Trading on DEX/CEX (03/15/22)

  • Liquidity Pool (03/30/22)

  • Expected Registered users to reach 300K

  • DAU Expected to reach 100K


  • NFT upgrade (04/10/22)

  • NFT Marketplace (06/20/22)

  • Connected to Steam platform(04/01/22)

  • Trading on other CEX (06/06/22)

  • Multi-sign Component of PaaS

  • Registered users reach 1 million

  • DAU reach 200K


  • Connected to Origin platform(07/22)

  • Connected to Epic platform(08/22)

  • Connected to IOS GameCenter (09/22)

  • Token lockup component of PaaS

  • Token issuance component of PaaS

  • Registered users reach 2 million

  • DAU reach 400K


  • Connected to Ubisoft platform(11/22)

  • NFT marketplace component of PaaS

  • Liquidity pool component of PaaS

  • Staking pool component of PaaS

  • Registered users reach 4 million

  • DAU reach 700K


  • Admin panel for game developer

  • Common contract modules for game development of PaaS


  • Server-side SDK for PaaS

  • Client-side SDK for Cocos2D, Unity3D, Unreal Engine


  • Launchpad for PaaS

  • Chat room for PaaS


  • BBS for PaaS

  • Live Streaming for Paas


  • More blockchain support for PaaS

Our Gamers


Calvin Lim ( Cofounder)

NFT Collector, DeFi Native, Investor of Sushi and Dogecoin, 5 years marketing management experience in Tencent

Kevin Li ( Cofounder)

Investing early in web3 and crypto. Alum @Columbia, Writing about ownership

Bernardo Ayres ( Cofounder)

Games, crypto and media lover, expert marketing solutions, communications skills and a passion to build useful tools and services for everyone.

Ahmad Aman ( Cofounder)

Co-founder, E-commerce Specialist, three years of Community management Experience. Content and Listing Optimizer. 5 year’s experience in Amazon Seller Center Account management, NEBOSH Certified


Krishna Kumar

Krishna is Founder of PayCoin Capital and working with top rated crypto projects and serving advisor/ Consultants for 10+ projects.

Krishna can accelerate fundraising along with strategic partnerships through his network of connections.

Eli Tan

News reporter for CoinDesk who covers NFTs, gaming and the metaverse. He is a graduate of St. Olaf College originally from Seattle, Washington. He owns BTC, ETH, and SOL.

Casey Zhang

Business Development Manager at BitMart Exchange. Focuses on supporting projects on the listing and investment side and is passionate about web3. Has worked in the cryptocurrency mining space and has years of experience in traditional finance.


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