[A8] Overview of DAOLaunch's 5th ido project - Midoland

On January 14, DAOLaunch announced Midoland as the next IDO project to release on its platform.

For an overview of the Midoland project as well as how to participate in the assurance rounds and whitelist, let’s learn through this article.


What is the Midoland Project?

The game scenario is inspired by the event that our whole world comes together to fight the global Covid pandemic. It is a war against malicious and dangerous viruses that attack the player’s territory. In addition, players also need to build and develop the city to become richer to be able to earn more money in the future.

In addition to the usual features of a series of P2E games (earning money through receiving rewards from battles or generating resources, etc.), Midoland allows investors and players to own real estate in the form of “Land Flipping”.

That is, owning NFT lands in the game is equivalent to holding the value of a piece of land in the real world. The value of the Midoland project does not come from the prevailing short-term P2E gaming trend in the market, but from the long-term vision and investment future of the project.

In particular, one of the factors that brings sustainable value to the project is real estate investment - one of the most successful and sustainable investment channels over time.

IDO date: January 26, 2022


To start the journey to protect and build the city, players must first transform into the Hero NFT characters in the game. Players can get any Hero spawned from the magic egg or choose to buy a favorite character from the marketplace.

The more Hero a player has, the better his chances of fighting the virus and speeding up the process of generating the energy needed for the growth of the city. After the battles, the player will be rewarded according to the level of the virus.

In addition, there will be weekly joint campaigns in which all gamers will come together to fight virus attacks on a worldwide scale.

FARMING & PRODUCING: it is the responsibility of the player to improve the overall economy by increasing the production of mana types in proportion to the production potential of the Class groups.

Players can use this energy for operating buildings or trade for Mira tokens

GAMING PVE: A virus attack happens every 16 hours. Players will choose Heroes with enough health and fighting strength to face viruses with corresponding strength.

If the Heroes win, the player will receive Mira tokens and mana types to develop the city such as: Fruit, O2, Energy, Creativity and Vaccine.

BREEDING: Players can increase the population by spawning new NFT Heroes through Breeding.

Newborn Heroes will be placed in the same Class as their parents. Stats will be randomly generated during spawn, just like when hatching an egg.

FUSION: Upgrade Hero’s base stats by combining two Heroes of the same level (star) and group (Class). Each Hero has 6 levels ranked from 1-6. Corresponding to each level are the corresponding attack, defense, speed and health stats. The higher the level, the stronger the stats. At the same time, Hero will be equipped with a few corresponding NFT accessories.

NFT LAND: There are 5 types, including: Forest land, Meadow land, Countryside land, Delta land, Sea land.

NFT BUILDING: there are 5 types corresponding to 5 types of NFT LAND: House, Garden, Gym, Farm, Vaccine

Marketplace: The place where the exchange of NFT Heroes and items takes place. Use Mido as currency.


Get rewards from battles: players can get back Mira tokens or in-game materials by having their Heroes join the fight against the virus

players can convert the rewards into Mido Coins easily afterwards, or reinvest them to grow the city by upgrading the in-game NFT for even more value.

Build and upgrade NFTs: everything you own on Midoland is redeemable and belongs to you. Everything from land, houses to characters has a certain value in the real world.

improving these types of NFTs allows you to generate more resources. From there, passive income will increase correspondingly. And, if you want with

withdraw your investment, all you have to do is bring the NFT items to the market to trade with other players.

Trade on Marketplace


Name: Midoland

Symbol: Mido

Network: BSC

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)

Initial Cap: $377,637

IDo price: $0.01

Vesting periods: 40% at TGE, then amortized over the next 3 months.

Total amount raised on DAOLaunch: $75,000 (7,500,000 MIDO)

4.1 IDO Calendar:

Whitelist campaign starts: January 13, 21:00 (Vietnam time)

Whitelist campaign ends: January 24, 21:00 (Vietnam time)

Whitelist announces the results January 25, 21:00 (Vietnam time)

Midoland IDO starts: January 26, 21:00 (Vietnam time)

Guaranteed round: January 26, 21:00 – 01:00, January 27 (Vietnam time)

FCFS round: January 27, 01:00 – 03:00 (Vietnam time)

Listing: TBA

Claiming : TBA

4.3 How to join IDO on DAOLaunch

For holders of DAL/BUSD - DAL LP:

  • Stake DAL or BUSD - DAL LP according to DAOLaunch Tier Model on BSCStation

  • Fill in the form: Link

Round Whitelist (No need to hold DAL)

Follow the instructions given in the Gleam contest below:


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