[A8] - PyramidWalk overview

1. What is Pyramid?
yramid is a utility-focused project that provides Walk to Earn & Defi solutions such as NFT Marketplace with Pyramid NFT Sneakers, Multichain supported launchpad and Staking features.

Ecosystem Usecases:

  • NFT Sneakers Collection

  • Walk to Earn Mobile Application

  • Multichain Launchpad

  • NFT Marketplace

  • PYRAMID-WALK is a Web3 lifestyle app with Social-Fi and DE-Fi features.

  • With NFT Sneakers log in– users can earn $PYRA by walking/Staking with their NFT Sneakers

  • Users can also trade their NFT Sneakers on the in-app Marketplace

  • Users’ $PYRA earnings are stored in the in-app Wallet, which has a built-in Swap function.

2 The highlights of Pyramid Walk
1. User-friendly to everyone

With the criteria of being user-friendly, Pyramid Walk is designed so that any user regardless of gender, age or physical condition can download the application and earn money by walking. Pyramid Walk users just need to go for a daily walk, do gentle exercises, and they can generate income from the application, instead of having to run or do something extreme.
Walking to improve health is an extremely rewarding activity, and is suitable for everyone. Through its application, Pyramid Walk wants to spread motivation and encourage all citizens to actively exercise, specifically walking daily to improve their health.

2. Free-to-try

With StepN, users who want to participate in the application experience and earn extra income will have to spend a large amount of money to buy NFT shoes. These NFT shoes are sold in SOL or BNB for thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars. This means that not everyone has the financial means to participate.
Therefore, Pyramid Walk wants to remove that financial barrier to bring its application to as many users as possible. Players can download the app, walk and earn money without having to spend any initial costs. Each player will be given a default pair of NFT shoes after joining the app and starting the experience immediately.

3. A combination of SocialFi and GameFi

More than Move-to-earn, Pyramid Walk is also a Web3 SocialFi application combined with GameFi elements. Players who log in to the app and wear NFT shoes can walk and complete daily missions, minigames, and challenges on the app to earn $PWALK tokens. These missions, minigames and challenges will be refreshed daily, to increase the entertainment value of players’ daily walking activities.
Pyramid Walk is a project with great potential that promises to attract a lot of attention from inside and outside the crypto community, thanks to the Move-to-earn craze. The application has been developed, and is now officially on the App Store and CH Play. Investors can download and install immediately to experience the application here:

3. Tokenomics

4. Roadmap

Q4. 2021

  • Building Up The Concept Walk To Earn and Defi Services
  • Design Tokenomics and Whitepaper
  • Launch Pyramid Ecosystem Website
  • Platform Development
  • Smart Contract Development

Q1. 2022

  • Community Growth for All Social Networks
  • Smart Contract Security Audit
  • Form Partners and Marketing Making
  • PYRAMID Walk To Earn MVP

Q2. 2022

  • Private/Seed Round
  • IDO Round
  • Coin Marketcap/ CoinGecko Listing
  • List $PYRA on Decentralized Exchange
  • Staking Platform Release
  • IDO Platform Release (Multichain Supported)
  • Host Seed/ private round, IDO projects
  • CEX Discussion

Q3. 2022

  • Launch Pyramid NFT Sneakers marketplace
  • Pharaoh boxes release
  • NFT sneakers staking and functioning
  • Live Walk To Earn Events
  • Pyramid Walk to Earn Application Available on Appstore and CH Play
  • First CEX Listing

Q4. 2022

6. Backers and Partners