[A8] - Soul of Meta overview

1. What is SOULS OF MΞTΛ?
SOULS OF MΞTΛ are playable NFT characters that are native to our Metaverse. They were born here and throughout quantum time and space, shaped and built multiple realities and realms according to their own consciousness level aligned choices. They called themselves SuperSouls of SoulVerse (our Native Metaverse) or in short – SOULS OF MΞTΛ
Democratize access to wealth creation and alleviate poverty for a better world through Fun-2-Earn (Play-Own-Earn + Free-2-Play) NFT economy with a fun and engaging gaming metaverse experience.
2. Multi-Chain Ecosystem Model
SOULS OF MΞTΛ is beyond current P2E gaming models. It is a cross-game multi-chain ecosystem that consists of four key in-game seamless synergistic components:
2.1 GameFi Economy (SoulFi)
• Fun-2-Earn (Play-Own-Earn + Free-2-Play)
• Create-2-Earn
• Build-2-Earn
2.2 NFT LaunchPad (SoulPad)
• INO (Initial NFT Offering)
• IGO (Initial Game Offering)
• DAX (Digital Assets eXchange)
2.3 MetaVerse (SoulVerse)
• Partnership NFT drops
• Partnership-driven Game Asset Design
• Player-driven Game Asset Design
• Seasonal Events
• Partnership Events
• Sponsored Events
2.4 Gaming DAO (SoulDAO)
• Balanced Contextual Stakeholder Voting Rights
• Multi-Layered Thematic Stakeholder Governance Structure
• DAO Engagement-driven Value Assignment Model
3. Revolutionary Features
Revolutionary Features:
• Cross-Game SuperSoul NFTs
• Dynamic Seasons, Factions and Realms
• GameFi Economy (SoulFi)
• NFT LaunchPad (SoulPad)
• MetaVerse of SuperSouls (SoulVerse)
• Gaming DAO (SoulDAO)
SoulVerse – A Metaverse of SuperSouls
SuperSouls are playable NFT characters from the Metaverse, a world of blade and magic, endless fun and adventure. They are known as SOULS OF M.T. SoulVerse unites the entire gaming community through unique gameplay mechanics: in addition to our own NFT collections, we will collaborate with and invite other gaming projects to join our incredible Metaverse. This is how outstanding Cross-Game SuperSoul NFTs will appear in SOULS OF Meta
Cross-Game SuperSoul NFTs
Cross-Game SuperSouls are powerful avatar NFTs that represent characters from existing NFT games and metaverses, in addition to native playable SuperSoul NFTs designed by our team and the community. They came to aid native SuperSouls in their fight against Yama and his Horde. These NFTs will be derived from exclusive collections that we will create in collaboration with our Gaming Partners and will be playable within SoulVerse. Each of these characters will have unique visuals, animations, and attributes based on the original game style. Imagine an epic battle between NFT characters from various NFT games, metaverses, or guilds, all taking place in your favorite gameplay!
Seasons, Factions and Realms
Seasons are big long-term events that offer each player to join one of 3 Factions. Each Faction will earn its way up on the ladder to beat other Factions and win exclusive prizes. Each Faction member will contribute heavily towards the Total Faction Score by completing special faction missions that will include both PvE (Player-versus-Environment) and PvP (Player-versus-Player) activities.
At the end of the Season, all the substantial amounts of SMP tokens, XP, and NFT rewards will be distributed among the winning Faction members. Moreover, each Season will bring new Realms – thematic locations, unique missions, limited-edition characters, powerful artifacts, and gear to the game!
4. Play modes
SoulVerse is vast and ready for you to explore. Lots of different gaming modes will be available in SOULS OF MΞTΛ for players to enjoy. They can be both PvE and PvP.
PVE mode: Challenge The Horde in solo or in cooperation with other players in PvE modes like:
• Story campaign
• Dungeons (Rogue-like)
• Castle defense
PVP mode: Arena and Battle Royal types of games are the best choices for parties and guilds to try out their forces against the opponents and earn top-tier NFTs.
5. Tokenomics
SOULS OF MΞTΛ Dual Token Model consists of:
SOM = Utility Token for IGO and INO, for shareholders, marketplace and advertisement transaction utility, and staking rewards
SMP = Governance and Rewards Token for all voting and governance rights, basically like gold mined from value-added activity in and out of game networks, players rewards

SOM is an ecosystem native BEP-20 utility token that:
• Stands for SOULS OF MΞTΛ and serves as a utility token
• Can be swapped to BUSD or BNB tokens
• Can be used for trading all NFTs on the Marketplace
• Is used for minting NFTs in SoulVerse
• Is used to buy advertising space and sponsor events within the game
• Is used to pay for Skill upgrades
• Allows upgrading NFTs (characters, weapons, counselors, etc)
• Allows to purchase consumable potions (HP, MP, temporary buffs, etc)
• Can develop your town and land in SoulVerse
• Provides Staking rewards
• Enables privileged access to Launchpad Tiers
• Is deflationary through the token burn
• Grants 50% commissions discounts on any transactions and various other powerful incentives
SOM token will be the one to participate in the INO and IGO and will be the first to be traded on DEX and CEX exchanges or to be swapped on our DAX. This is the token you need to buy in order to become a SOULS OF MΞTΛ shareholder.
4% Tax Split from each SOM transaction (for sell only):
• Deflationary Burn – 1%
• Redistribution to Holders - 1%
• Staking Pool – 1%
• Liquidity Pool – 1%

SMP is an ecosystem BEP-20 governance and rewards token that empowers the world around you:
• Designed to promote healthy scalable token economics through dynamically balanced token emissions
• Stands for SOULS OF MΞTΛ Points and serves as a governance token – this is your tool to influence the SOULS OF MΞTΛ game directly and shape its future! Stake SMP on SoulDAO and vote for features you would like to see in your favourite game.
• Claimable as a reward after each Fun-2-Earn game round in all our Play Modes: defeat monsters and Horde Overlords, complete quests and events, loot treasure chests, and more!
• Is paid as a royalty for participating in various Create-2-Earn activities such as Game Level & Asset creation in SoulVerse
• Is harvested through the Build-to-Earn model by owning fractional Town NFTs
• Earnable through Watch-2-Earn economic model via watching live streams
• Generated as a reward for lending NFTs to other players
• Can be easily swapped to SOM token

6. Roadmap

1. Idea Phase
• Fun-2-Earn (Play-Own-Earn + Free-2-Play) Game Concept Design
• Key Game, Social Guild, and DAO Mechanics
• Primary Chain Selection and Multi Chain Strategy
• Key Game Features Development & Execution
• Strategic Multi-Phased Roadmap Development
2. Team & Marketing Phase
• Key Team Member Selection and Onboarding
• Playable Demo Development
• In-Game Art Design
• Game-Play Teaser
• Multi-Channel Community Development and Onboarding
• Free Tokens Air-Drop Gleam Campaign
• Cross-partner NFT Gleam Campaign
• Free Access NFT-Drop Gleam (characters, weapons, cosmetics)
• Smart-Contracts Development and Deployment on BNB-Chain
3. Fundraising Phase
• Playable Demo (HTML & Windows) Launch
• Tokenomics and Whitepaper
• Landing Page Launch
• Securing Key Partnerships
• Multiple Launchpad Onboarding
• Launchpad Whitelisting Launch
• Strategic Investor Onboarding
• INO/IGO Dates announcement
• Security Audit Results announcement
• IGO Partner and Community Marketing
• DEX announcement, Coinmarketcap/Coingecko listing
• CEX announcement
4. Launch Phase
• IGO + IEO Launch and CEX Listing at TGE
• Single-Asset-Staking Launch
• Cinematic Game-Launch Teaser
• Playable Demo Update with On-chain features
• First INO with Playable Genesis Characters & Weapons
• Second INO with Counselor NPCs & Powerful Spells
• Third INO with SoulVerse Land and House Packages
• Fourth INO with Cosmetics & Accessories
• Strategic Community Engagement Campaigns
• Multi-Chain Cross-Gaming Avatar Partnerships
5. MVP Release Phase
• High-Yield LP Staking Launch
• Visual Assets & Graphics Upgrade
• Launch of Game v.1 “Ready-Soul-One!” (Dungeon Mode)
• Game Update v.2 “Who’s Your Overlord?”
• Game Update v.3 “Farming is My Deal” (SMP to SOM swap enabled)
• First Major Cross-Game Partnership SuperSoul NFT Collection Drops /
• Auctions announcements
• Fun-2-Earn NFT Marketplace Launch announcement
6. Marketplace, Collabs, CoOp, New modes
• First SuperSoul NFT Collection Drops / Auctions
• Fun-2-Earn NFT Marketplace launch (NFT trade, swap and lend)
• Co-op/Guild Introduction
• Game Update v.4 “You Don’t Stand Alone!” (Co-op playthrough enabled)
• Castle Defense Teaser
• Game Update v.5 “HODL the Line” (Castle Defense Mode)
• Multi-Realm Arena Modes Teaser
• Game Update v.6 “Gladiator” (Gold / NFT Arena Modes)
• Teaser of Season 1 and Character NFT Drop Announcement
• Multi-Chain NFT Bridging Enablement
• Season 1 INO Series Announcement
7. Story Campaign, Season 1, New Chain Launch
• First cross-game drop of SuperSoul NFTs with strategic game partner
• Strategic partnership SuperSoul NFT collection Drops & Auctions
• Game Update v.7 “Season 1”
• Story Campaign Teaser
• Game Update v.8 “I am the Super Soul” (Counselors and Powerful Spells)
• Game Update v.9 “Once Upon a Time” (Story Campaign Mode)
8. Towns & Land (SoulVerse)
9. Battle Royal Mode
*10. Advertisement Center *
*11. SoulDAO *
*12. Game Level Editor + Designer Permit INO *
13. Android/iOS game versions
14. Watch-2-Earn

7. Team

8. Partners

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