About the Meetup Info category

This is meetup info with DAOLaunch.

Hello team,

To me it is unclear what this actually means. The sentence feels vague and I don’t know what to expect of “Meetup Info”. Where would we (?!) meet. Why? Is it regularly? Who is hosting? Should we prepare something or just come along?

I am aware of the description in the specific Meetup call for 30 Oct, and I would like to see the info in this “about the Meetup Info category” too.

"In this section you’ll find Meetup calls that are organized and hosted by the DaoLaunch Community.
The topics can range from AMA’s with the founders of DaoLaunch to just hanging out together.
Further Information to be found in the specific announcements.

Looking forward to the Meetup,
Your DaoLaunch Team