Announcing Compensation Decision For Those Who Were Affected By Bots

Dear Community

We would like to thank you for supporting DAOLaunch as we mark our 10 days since our listing on pancake swap &

We’ve been met with incredible support from our community & our partners and would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

After reviewing all the submissions on our page, we have decided to do the following:
Up to 100 USD
Whitelisted to the next token sale with 1 pool weight.

From 101- 500 USD
Whitelisted to the next w token sale with 1 pool weight.

500 USD +
Whitelised to next 3 token sales, with 1 pool weight.

Check out the results and what qualification you fall under

If you believe there is a mistake please contact @reza_daolaunch on telegram.

Many of our followers lost under $500 and with only a few losing over $500, this is the reason we chose these parameters when choosing compensation rewards.

Thank you and LFG DAOLaunchers :rocket:


i cannot access file…

o_O i love you guys :slight_smile:

I bought 0,1 BNB for 0.986 DAL at first few minutes of launch. My BSC wallet address is 0x555488d27eb294269a3067d1c188c8f643d6f646 where you could check it. Right now the value of mu purchase is more than 90% down… Im on the telegram group and my username is @roni_r97

Thank you for acknowledging Team

Good luck and success