Announcing DAOPunk Utility

Dear Community

First of all thank you for your support during our first month, we have received incredible support, warm feelings and we are eternally grateful to our community and supporters!

We are proud to announce the success of both Fishing Town and Angels Creed Sales on DAOLaunch! To celebrate this Christmas period we are announcing another DAOPUNK Giveaway as well as utility for DAOPunks.

We are proud to reveal our plan for DAOPUNK Utility!

All DAOPUNKS, will be granted GOLD Tier Allocation once a month !

There is a one month cool down period when using the DAOPUNK!

Thankyou for supporting DAOLaunch :sparkles:


The DAOPunks is a NFT?
Will appears in my assets?
If I have Gold-Allocation and win a DAOPunk, I can use in the same project to win 2 Gold Tier Allocation?

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Yes, and you would move it to a seperate wallet.