Compensation for those who got rekt during our launch

First of all the DAOLaunch team would like to thank our amazing and successful launch. In a few short hours we managed to have achieve:

Trading volume of 4M
ATH of 310 X Stabilising at 12x before market crash (sad! :cry: )

These are all incredible achievements that were only made possible by you, our valued community, the future decentralised venture capitalists.

However, there were some of our community members who lost, badly. As with any coin/NFT when you create hype and demand around the product there are bad actors who wish to take advantage of the situation. Since we listed on a Cex we had to provide our contract before hand to the community and as always, the bots came.

We expressly advised multiple times not to buy within an hour of launch to avoid getting rekt by bots, this coupled with scam coins and community members sending tokens to smart contract address was a bittersweet end to the months of work the team had put in behind the scenes.

We would like to offer a form of compensation to those who fell victim to the following, please note that this a sign of goodwill from the DAOLaunch team as in crypto together we grow.

1. Fake coins

Anybody who purchased a Fake Dal coin

2. Those who purchased within one hour of launch.
Community members who made large purchases to be left with little $DAL

3. Those who sent tokens to the DAOLaunch smart contract address.

Those who fall in this category please do the following to be eligible for claiming some form of compensation.

  1. Reply under this post [Compensation]
  2. Wallet Address (ERC-20/ Polygon/ BUSD Wallet you made the purchase if they are different, and specificy if they are different)
  3. Transaction hash
  4. Send $1 to this address to verify wallet owner
  5. Brief explanation of what happened (include above transaction)

Thank you and let’s shape the future of venture funding together!

Compensation is in the reward of NFT which affords the same utility as holding DAL tokens.

Below is an example post and correct formatting, with hyperlinks. Please do fill it out exactly according to this format please note if your format isn’t correct, your submission won’t be accepted until it is like this.

Here is an example submission below

1.Wallet address ERC-20/BUSD 0x78d3073c68A0CDEE66c39a55370cddecdBc3da0A (The same)
2. Txn hash of me buying DAL at 12:45
3. Txn hash of sending $1 to the DAOLaunch address from the same address i was rekt
4. I bought 3 bnb = 0.83536986878953641 DAL in the first few minutes

  1. Compensation
  2. 0x78d3073c68A0CDEE66c39a55370cddecdBc3da0A
  3. 0x7c82a916f2a3e75e89276a2296a380719ae670e457147c10b32a28e98e069ee1
  4. 0x8ec9734049418bed92d847b3fdeb68b5a18fbb6d7abf925e283424c7f09dbea5
  5. I bought 0.5 bnb = 0.83536986878953641 DAL in the first few minutes

Hi, team please see


1: 0x415edfd5c7dd2c1e7d22dc04a8f7090c285e5a8b Wallet address

  1. 0x2031d702b39741c4b3f50167b477dad3c3122f0f95393a37695501b8a05a9fb3

Transactions hash during first purchase.

  1. 0x380b7f90106350c2c4732c3f47b7cdbf90fd33598c0d106ce03ccef983d47698
    Transaction Hash 1 Busd confirmation.

Team during I tried purchasing the amount of $2700Busd during launch at $3 only to see the price rocket in value to $11 and me receiving 179Dal. I understood that it’s no fault of the team so I didn’t complain I do appreciate the opportunity to receive this compensation as I believe I was retk during launch. Whatever the decision is I’ll continue to support Daolaunch 100%.





Sent one busd pegged


Because of the conflicts with binace on the day of the launch, I ended up paying way more for your token and getting way less
The transaction took hours to process which I think made me end up paying a inflated price :sweat_smile:
Please help
I invested everything I had at the time into your project.

Thanks for any consideration
Regards Jason Fizell


I started my transaction at the opening of sales which I thought when I read off your Twitter was going to be 1 dollar each


2.Sent $1 to 0x83127d26e7e26c0aa2fe7bf5effa158ace513e1b280a9d4793989c422a1102fd swap 0x463eca32a42be2f90b27bed381acf7ef617208533465b5783e743bf930abc6c0
My assets are down by two-thirds

  1. Compensation
  2. 0x9C0244D8cf50cb154340F86098e7516adf417C75
  3. 0x037c354a92cb9618d8238cdd8da7d89c26fa11e9d4e9b4a3fdb5bca0dd18d30d
  4. Sent $1 to 0x4ce8129016A9D843944fA052B7F5059e505075Dd
  5. I bought 300$ and it gave me 0.01 DAL. Bought at launch, price was jumping from 50000$ to 5$ for some reason.
  1. Wallet Address: 0xFcD1f42849d645d9A14303BE38708E0Ce5Bb480e
  2. Transaction hash: “0xf021c23376143e7420ffb432218cc4be0ca1b940add927f13e8ff795e63c6abd” - “0x20448cdb22991e223015ed5facfc5feb807c52aafe56879c96d2fe257b61f7dc” - “0x6b3ca2ae79175a3f2ebaf0a1de00e9ab80fb31875d33ae68b8855dd3c072abf2” - “0x6b3ca2ae79175a3f2ebaf0a1de00e9ab80fb31875d33ae68b8855dd3c072abf2”
  3. Sent $1 to this address to verify wallet owner
  4. I made the trade too soon. Within 1 hour.
  1. Compensation
  2. Wallet Address: 0x29196946596378B4551beD7f3786E9815c2cf670
  3. Transaction hash


3. Send $1 to this address to verify wallet owner
4. I bought nearly 1bnb but got very little DAL coin

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1: Compensation
2. Wallet Address: 0x29196946596378B4551beD7f3786E9815c2cf670
3. Transaction hash








  1. Send $1 to this address to verify wallet owner

  2. I bought nearly 1bnb but received a lot of ita DAL coin

Wallet Address: 0x2911698d68b1154b4a974b196171a492b7ae7a36

Send $1 to this address to verify wallet owner
Transaction hash: 0xff26a51ec9968b21b9f01d472ca5ebf0634cbf545fd0ba3fea9c30cdf5d4c085

Fake coins: bought 0.1 bnb = fake coins
Transaction hash: 0x09aa06fa691013b9704412b9d191ee6805f80b8d737a95600f67c3cb51a593ec

Purchased within one hour of launch: bought 6 bnb = 64.57 DAL
Transaction hash: 0x25d20c8a7c41866b15592bbb18da8ad918aa0d88ae33ab70f27f7ecd9a96af67

Thank you so much for goodwill of the DAO Launch team.

  1. Compensation
  2. 0x521b0deddd40ee4806eecd75c614fe6dac08ab16
  3. 0x4fba202f79155afd4bac0047ad327d9cd16573c8e5e7b12f8977337b6aed9bef
  4. 0x92597f3710a554c61ed9e80b1f75fccc5e384aac2374a47991121505b20d905e
  5. Thought i could buy tokens fast before it goes to the sky and spent 557$ on buying, but after some minutes of waiting saw the transaction confirmed only to get 5.5 DAL tokens, wich now are aprox 34$

Compensation .

  1. Compensation

  2. wallet address = 0xd68c8b857a04691c463d261da62d21a7c71cd289

  3. txid = 0x66c5a8f90bd5a8e9ae7610ed8b0bc19b2a004d4cd076440058602f357f9e0e45

  4. sent 1 busd done, txid = 0x6e97c5b6db60bdce2ac056f4944e6dfb92de1af2269cd6533619732f43519194

  5. I purchase $100 but I got only 0.698784509536630237 DAL within one hour of launch


Wallet 0x01B5C31990517fC5f52B29814d72348f27f0C0De


Send $1

I bought at the beggining of pancakeswap with 3 BNB ( uss 1866) only 1.24 DAL

I was planning to invest more to have a silver or platinum wallet, but after that I decided not to invest more. If you compensate us as you are telling on the post I will reconsider .



Wallet address:

Ist Transaction:

2nd Transaction:

3rd Transaction:

$1 Transfer Transaction

I tried buying some Dar tokens and got rekt at listing
An honest newbie mistake
I made the first trade at $50, I thought it wasn’t going through, and I tried again till three trades went through, leaving me with,
0.1, 0.08, and 0.07, $Dar for all three trades
And exhausting my portfolio,

I appreciate the team, for even giving us this platform, to talk about what happened, even if the fault was totally ours. Thank you DaoLaunch.

  1. Compensation
  2. Wallet Address: 0x73Ff0886DB515b60Dc99bDb37B7C8E1969C0E56b
  3. Transaction hash: 0xee6e0cd0fb935d696ccfeccde9ada38a6ec95565d43613b67b3382db2b8085c5 and 0x04a27f8fa1816fea329b3bb1883bb6e84e311a9590061be5bcf99d8016fe2fc9
  4. $1 transaction hash: 0xe599c6d42dcc6b1dad8d18c78a51b0c1398b35c8c342eee6c71f2942093434fb
  5. After seeing the initial high prices I bought around $17 for a total of $2747 that is now worth $1031, down 62.5%. In other words, I paid almost 3 times more than current price. Thanks for offering to make up for it.

I am Francis Inyang.


My wallet address

Transaction hash

10bnb I use on DAOL

I wanted to make sure I joined that early stayed but when I swapped it on pancakeswap I was thinking is network and i have to do another $5 and that one reflect immediately I swap it.

1: compensation
2: walet adress :
3: 0x84ba8b8c6729a96bd9bf9a0602a6c9dba4fb6d2779cfbabe6940b650403da610
4: send 123 busd for 0,22 Dal to this adress:

I exchange my busd to dal at launched time and I lost all my invest. I was thinking I ll buy 1 dal for 1 dollar. New in crypto, i wasnt know we have to wait 1 hour after listing, I read it maybe 10min after launched time in telegram. So I felt a little desapointed but I admit it is my fault

1: compensation
2: 0xaB24a96Bf71b7aB9f892420b28B4A482750d53b1
3: 0xe121a04aecc7c59c9261a2ebae4fa0a3543c7a7c8eab6cf9bc53356ba2492bc7
4: send $1 done
5. i only receive 1 and 2 DAL, please check