Kicking Off Our Community Reward Program

Rewards/Points Calculation

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DAOLaunch’s mission is to democratize the future of fund-raising together and lower the barrier to entry for regular retail investors into life changing deals. To do this we need to act, think and build leverage just like VC’s do today.
DAOLaunch is a community-driven project, and we need you to help grow our ecosystem. We have created an open program where every community member can join and support DAOLaunch.

You can earn points and receive rewards through sourcing deals for DAOLaunch, spreading the word and managing communities/ creating content, if your contributions are valid you will receive DAL.
Joining the community reward program as a community member is also the perfect way to show us that you are a trailblazer and belong in the DAOLaunch space. It’s also the ideal way to educate yourself about DAOLaunch. The community program is detailed below, it will be amended and improved as DAOLaunch grows!

Rewards Plan

Starting from November 2021.
Our objective is to give incentives to DAOLaunch’s early supporters, to shape the world together. We are planning to continue this reward system until we have a thriving community.
Rewards will be distributed on the 20th of every month beginning from Feb 2022.

Vesting period
1 month cliff, vesting for 2 month.
We would like to build long and good relationship with our community members, therefore we humbly ask you to please accept this vesting period.

How much can we earn for community reward ?
Total Pool: 2000 DAL per month
Max DAL Earn Rate: 1DAL per 1 point

Guidelines and how to participate

  1. Create an account on the forum
  2. Post on Community Reward Forum, create an issue with Task ID and subject. Add all the relevant details and links in the issue description.
  3. Do the task, submit your BSC compatible wallet address.
  4. Post in the DAOLaunch community telegram channel and encourage other community members to support the post.
  5. Wait for your task to be reviewed. Your earned rewards for the month depends on the tasks completed.
  6. DAL tokens will be distributed monthly, depending on each respective individuals contribution

Campaign Tasks

#ID Description
A1 Create a Blog about DAOLaunch, Introduce DAOLaunch using your own words.
A2 Create Meme regarding DAOLaunch, post on twitter. Tag DAOLaunch account Official: @DAOLaunch Founder: @sakuro_dao
A3 Create Videos regarding DAOLaunch
A4 Conduct Meetup regarding DAOLaunch(Zoom meeting,AMA)
A6 Create a tutorial / step-by-step guide to help the community
A7 Coding, bug fixing, development work for the DAOLaunch ecosystem
A8 FreestyleShow your creative skills.


If you need a quick recap course about DAOLaunch, before you start then please study from our resource and give us comment if you have any questions !!


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