1. What is Nomad Exile?
Nomad Exile is an RPG game with different multiplayer mechanics. The project is based on a play-to-earn monetization model which allows players to earn in the game.The game genre is sci-fi with elements of the medieval setting (Dune,Star Wars, etc.)

In Nomad Exiles there’re a lot of mechanics for entertainment and income. Playthrough of story quests, independent exploration of secrets and mysteries of the post-apocalyptic world in vast locations, battles with other players in the Arena, training and breeding the pets, building and protection of your shelter, trading on the in-game NFT market.
2. 4 Highlights of the project
Players begin their path in the world of Nomad Exile by choosing a class for their character. Every class has unique characteristics which influence the gameplay and interactions with the world of the game.
Player can choose the following classes:
• Barbarians, they have higher speed and they’re good with paired weapons
• Orcs have increased strength and can wield two-handed weapons successfully
• Demons have a lot of health and prefer magical weapons
New classes with unique features and history will be added later with the project’s development.
Many types of weapons and armor combined with classes allow players to choose their own way to fight the dangers of post-apocalyptic world. Long range, paired weapons, two-handed swords and axes, magical weapons, all of them have a unique style of fighting.

Pets are a loyal ally and friend who will share in your losses and victories in this dangerous and cruel world full of chaos. That’s why players have the opportunity to tame pets, develop them into powerful assistants and fight, and use their unique talents to survive.

Nomad Exile isn’t just a multiplayer RPG, first of all, it’s a play-to-earn game with a vast in-game economy, which means that players can earn just by playing. Trade and sell resources for crafting shelter, weapons, and armor, etc.
Sell NFT to other players, which are unique items you got in the game. Valuable items can be created on the “Enchantment Table’’ from resources that players can find in dungeons of different difficulty levels. Sell these items to other players for tokens and get rich!
Also, you can sell pets you tamed to other players. The price is defined by rarity, level, and skills. You always can try to get a rare pet with unique skills by breeding the other two!

If you want to win great prizes then come to Arena! Get the best gear because you’ll need everything you’ve got in this fight. You will enter one of the tournaments with other players depending on your rating.
Prizes include entry fees from players and fees depending on the reputation of the League. The better the player, the bigger your reward.
If you are a moderate and don’t want bloodshed, you can always bet. If you believe in the victory of one of the players, you have a chance to make money if they survive.

• Name: Nomad Exile Token
• Symbol: PGS Token
• Total Supply: 250,000,000
• Initial Marketcap: $362,870

• Reward
• In-game transaction fee.