November Community Rewards Programe Update

Dear DAOLaunchers

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! :santa: :evergreen_tree: :snowflake:

We are glad to announce the results of our monthly Community rewards programme for November. Over 50 of our community members took part and raked in 12.5 DAL per ONE EARNED POINT !!

To put it simply; if you won the 1st place in the gleam contest, you will rewarded 1250 DAL, which is worth approximately 10K$ !!! (At the current time of writing)

This is special, because you guys supported us before we launched :slight_smile:

(* Vesting schedule is: 2month cliff with 4month vesting. We will begin distributing tokens from End of February for 4 months, as per this community reward )

In total we will distribute approximately 4000 DAL Tokens for community reward in November.

We are proud to announce the new community reward programme!

Total Pool: 2000 DAL per month
Max DAL Earn Rate: 1DAL per 1 point
(* Final DAL Reward Rate will be determined at the end of Each month )

This time, we will shorten the vesting period, from 6months to 3months.
If you won 1st Gleam contest, you will receive maximum 100 DAL tokens which worth 700$ at the time of writing!

Want 100 $DAL?
Make sure you join the Christmas Gleam Contest !!
Only two days left!
Join here :point_down:


love it bro :heart_eyes: