Please Help I have lost my all fund on first day trading

Hello everyone i have early invest on DAL token. I have invest 1051$ DAL token but only get 0.86 DAL token. Pancakeswap price show 0.46$ per DAL token then i have buy 1051 worth of DAL token but i have receive only 0.86 DAL token. I have poor people my family are very poor i have lost my all fund please give compensation.

My address : 0xdc7FAa9C4E4cC25f154742Eff0Bd258a876ec64C

Trxn ID:Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Trxn HASH:0x6c0e06187477b33b053a0a4e23888793c0bdd91cb60ab594688ba004c11e5dc8