Proposal of a new Sale Round to attract long term holders and good projects to DaoLaunch

Based on the last video call discussion on Telegram, i was thinking of a way to increase DaoLaunch attractiveness for good projects.

Ideally we want to create a positive cycle where long term holders attract good projects which in turn attract more long term hodlers.

My proposed solution in order to let people hold the token for a long time and not sell the token at listing is as follows.

I propose to introduce a new funding round on DaoLaunch for each project (I’ll call it VC Round for now as in Venture Capital Round).

VC Round have special rules

  1. All Tokens from VC Round will be automatically staked in a special pool and are locked for a minimum of 6 months (this will ensure for the project that all tokens sold in this Round will be held for at least 6 months, which will insetivize them to allocate more tokens in this round)
  2. Reward for pool can vary, either Dal Token, or the project’s token, or some type of NFT’s
  3. Every time when a person successfully invest in a VC Round they’re rewarded for 1 Special NFT, I’ll call it (Hodl NFT) (For example if participated in 9 VC rounds i will have 9 Hodl NFTs)
  4. DaoLaunch should have a metrics for Hodl NFT wallets (which the team can use the data to present to attract new projects)
  5. Hodl NFT can be redeemed for various benifits (personally i think this is the key feature where we can insentivize people to invest in VC Rounds.) (we need to be very creative in this section).
  6. Example on point no 5 is (Redeem 10 Hodl NFTs to upgrade your account Tier for 1 month, if the account is bronze it will be upgraded for silver for 1 month for free)
  7. Another example is also redeem 50 Hodl NFTs to issue 5 DAL-NFT or so(which will be issued in future for the buy back system)
  8. Project can determine the minimum number of (Hodl NFTs) in order to participate in the sale (this will allow the project to determine long term holders)
  9. It goes without saying that VC Round tokens should be cheaper in price as compared to the normal IDO Round (Ex. 10% lower to attract more people because of the increased risk of holding for a long time)
  10. Anyone from the guranteed round can participate in VC Round (as long as they meet the minimum Hodl NFTs requirement)
  11. VC round have fixed allocation for all members with no tier benefits, (this will push low tier members to buy into this round, while allow bigger tiers to participate to get Hodl NFTs)
  12. Any unsold token from VC round will be forwarded to FCFS VC Round.

So in summary

For Projects:

They’ll insure that they sold thier token for long term holders with proven track record (Hodl NFTs)

For investors

Cheaper token price and Hodl NFTs reward system with various benifits, in addition to staking reward.

For DaoLaunch

Present a healty positive cycle of bringing good projects for long term investors.

This is a rough sketch of the idea, i just want the discussion to start so we can refine the idea.

I have a lot more ideas, but i don’t want us to be distracted. As i think this idea is already big enough.

Apologies for any errors, I’m typing this from my mobile phone so i expect a fair share of errors.


Hi @Heyyi

Really interesting feedback here. I generally think it’s a quality idea. I think the 6 months should maybe be reduced to 90 days though? Or does the weight of this concept rely on the lockup period being 6 months?

I’ve seen staking reward for mainly 3 months on other launchpads as well. What do you think?

I wish I could choose 3 months or 6 months.

Hi Heyyi,
Thanks for your deep insight !! I appreciate.

Set incentives for holding long term is really good idea but If we do too much, It might hurt ourselves. Basically startups should set incentives for holding tokens for long term like lower price, not us.

But it will definatelly easier to negotiate with a lot of startups !
Using birdmoney oracle, we can analize each investors address behaivors and set DAL as reward for long term holders.

Initially i thought 3 months is enough, but then it won’t be much different from other launchpads. I want as much as possible to avoid the big sell off during token claim.

For quality crypto projects that are looking for long term holders i think 6 month is the bare minimum until the project can gain traction.

That’s said, there’s another suggestion for this issue.

We can initially have a lock period if 3 months and at the end of the 3 month period the investor can relock for additional 3 months and gain a second Hodl NFT as a reward.

The core feature of my proposal is the reward system for Hodl NFTs. We can reward 6 month holders with 2 Hodl NFTs and 3 months holders with 1 Hodl NFT.

If we can provide a compelling reward system to be redeemed for Hodl NFTs i think we can avoid the big sell off when the first period ends because more people will be tempted to accumulate Hodl NFTs.

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