Proposing New Tier Model

Dear Community, we heard your concerns about the tier model and would like to introduce you to our new proposal:

Summary: We are seeking feedback from the community regarding the tier allocation model. Currently we are using a lottery model, but after hearing your concerns and we would like to move to a tiered model.

As DAOLaunch grows, evolves and shapes its important we engage and ask for the communities help, this is a decentralised VC after all. To help increase the better selection of the projects, and to set the foundations for the ground breaking DVC concept, as well as setting foundations for decentralised governance.

The proposal laid out below is to give DAOLaunch community the opportunity to weigh in on the tier model, make some amendments or how we can change it as DAOLaunch scales up.

Motivation: DAOLaunch aims to open up the start up investment environment, and create an fair and inclusive start up ecosystem- all on chain. to do this we need to be far from the outset and let the future decentralised venture capitalists have a direct say in the protocol.

Risks: DAOLaunch has an internal risk analysis evaluating the likelihood of bad actors and those who would try to game the system.

Proposal: Allow the community to propose their tier model, to discuss the pros and cons and to take a vote.
Entry: 100 DAL, Guaranteed Whitelisted, allocation weight 1.
Bronze: 200DAL, Guaranteed Whitelisted, allocation weight 2.
Silver: 500DAL, Guaranteed Whitelisted, allocation weight 7.
Gold: 1000DAL, Guaranteed Whitelisted, allocation weight 15.

  1. No SNS/twitter sharing is required for those who are silver level and above.
  2. Guaranteed Whitelisted means that your address are allocated to to join tokensale.
  3. The average amount of DAL held one week before an IDO will determine the tier that you’re in.
  4. You can check your allocation on our dapp.
  5. After a certain period had passed, the pool type is changed to public FCFS and all unsold tokens are given to the community.

Shall we change the tier model to the guaranteed whiltelist model as specified above!

  • Yes
  • No

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So very nice


Using a specific project example, you need to explain how everything will work. Thanks.

What happens to the DAL / BUSD LP tier if passed?


In my opinion, other than gold, silver and copper
Platinum and Diamond required
Otherwise it will not be able to attract by other platforms
and especially the sharks
I myself bought 10k tokens DAL
If there were only levels like that, me and the sharks probably wouldn’t be able to stay with you guys for long
Also, the Lock token should last longer
At least 2 weeks
Stake right on the platform
Let’s learn BSCS PKF or the best is GAFI
Good luck to the team


The project should belong to the public, not a couple of players who bought all the tokens. In this message DAO.

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I love this suggestion but we still need to check some SUCCESSFUL launchpad for our reference. GOD BLESS team!

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Do you have any that come to mind?


agree! but short term we are a business that has to generate profit and deliver returns to investors and token holders.

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Thanks for your suggestion

@Sakuro , what do you think?

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Great question, LP tiers will be announced in the upcoming days

I gree with the new tiers, but platnium and diamond tiers should be added. This shall motivate holders to hold more DALs to get more shares of ido/ ibo allocations.

Tier is very good but it would be perfect if we can combine tier and time staking ( such as impossible finance ido). They calculate base on the amount and time user has staking

Will this also count for people in the LP. Do we need to stake in separate launchpad?

There a numerous launchpads with different levels and rules.

Most of them have a tiered system which works best. I’ts more fair than a lottery based allocation. People all want a guaranteed allocation.

What you should also look at is the time for unstaking. You don’t want people to leave as soon as the project has been sold. Some launchpads have a one week cool down period where you need to wait for a week to withdraw funds. During this week you don’t get rewards and you cannot participate in IDO’s.

Other launchpads have an unstaking penalty. If you unstake between 1-2 weeks you pay 25% unstaking fee for unstaking, between 2-4 weeks 15%, between 4-6 weeks 10%, betweek 6-8 weeks 5 % and with 0% after 8 weeks.

These penalties will be rewarded to the people who stay staked.

Your main focus should be to stabilize the price of the DAL.

What can cause price to drop:

  • you don’t have (enough) projects available for IDO so people will leave.
  • people will be allowed to unstake easily (with no cool down period or unstake penalty) and sell their tokens to participate in other launchpads
  • people get their tokens from vesting schedule. They are free to sell them. If you have a good tier system and a lot of projects, people will stake them and not sell.

If you like to check out some launchpads and their unstake/withdrawel rules, here are a few:

BSC Station

Do you think the creators of the project do not know about the existence of other sites?)))

new tiers are better

Very nice very nice

the allocation whight are may small

I love this kind of model, but as said by other users, i would like to see benefit in staked time too and not only the amount. That was the difertential factor between DAO and other launch pads