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Community Quiz Rewards :partying_face:

All those who participated in the quiz, please leave your wallet address and the day you won as a comment, this helps me make sure I haven’t missed those who win multiple times!

Diid you guys enjoy the quiz, would you like us to keep it running daily/ weekly?
What other activities would you like us to do?

Please help us build a strong community and shape the future of venture funding!


Wallet address : 0x21eeaEFC63E3534478e7AB93D6e9C2F6F2d406Bc

Date and time : Tuesday 30 November 2021

1st question winner

Wallet address:

Date and time: 1 December, 2021
3st question winner

Username: @hoangXuanTung

  1. Nov 24 (3rd Question)
  2. Nov 25 (1st)
  3. Nov 27 (1st)
  4. Nov 30 (2nd)
  5. Dec 2 (2nd)

Wallet add: 0x879E1b1Db6260Dc8A7439eB1E64212e739A6b628

I think this event is quite interesting, it gives everyone a reason to learn more about the project and get rewards for their efforts.

I think it is quite good if it’s held weekly or monthly, it will help people update information on the web, forum or medium more fully.

Hey Fam !

Date and time: 30 november 2021
3st question winner

Wallet address:

This kind of quizz is amazing to have the community learn more about DaoLaunch, I highly encourage them. I think also that organizing twitter raids would also be nice ! We could have those on Discord

One Love

Hi this is my detail.
Telegram username @reeendye

Winner date :

  1. 28Nov in question 2
  2. 29Nov in question 3
  3. 2DEC In question 1

Wallet adrees : 0x33fF3b81A0A1d4B5402A37f64d8144aD879a9CA3

This quiz event is very fun, and you can find out all about DAOlaunch.

I think quiz events would be good to do at least 1 time per month.

I am very happy and proud to be able to participate and be a part of the DAOLaunch community. I hope DAOLaunch gets bigger and and gets support from many more people.

Thanks DAOLaunch!

tele username: @Ngocanh9912
Winner date:

  1. Nov 25, 2nd question
  2. Dec 2, 3nd question

Wallet adrees: 0x04F7121D624C39EDB5194CFdCc379574536120AD

Thanks DAL for this event, it very fun, interesting and i can earn a bit rws. Wish DAL will grow more and more.

Tele @Coinfgxb
Date November 23 quiz number 2


Date and quiz number: 23rd Nov 2021- quiz 3rd
My wallet: 0x07c9033ec3EafBff93f0436f8Fa411c59F26C835
I think it is quite good because it will help users can know about the upcoming events/ news/ …