The Top 5 Most Interesting Takeaways from Legend of Galaxy

Low Barrier of Entry

LOG’s gameplay is appealing and has a lower barrier to join. Players can recruit more than 100 unique heroes to battle the evil and claim their territory in a cosmic theme world. The game will see multiple updates with the addition of new heroes and mechanics. More importantly, an NFT Marketplace will be a crucial part of the project, which is a great place for you to trade, exchange and make profits.

Fair Launch Advantages

  • Legend of Galaxy is launched via a fair distribution token by public sale EXCLUSIVELY (100% unlock at TGE), without VCs or private sale, therefore GAE token’s price will not be manipulated after IDO. Most of the funds raised in IDO will be put and locked in the liquidity pool, which belongs to its true owner, the community, no frauds and phishing possible.
  • Legend Of Galaxy has only raised funds for Product Development and to help the GAE ecosystem grow sustainably, bringing more value to users through our mainstream products.
  • The allocation for Team Members, Advisors, Partners and Foundation tokens has been locked for six months, while the rest of the tokens are allocated to the community via Token Sales, Bounty, Airdrop, Liquidity Provision and rewards as well as Marketing activities. In short, LOG is a project built by the community and develop for the community.

Gameplay Overview

The Legend of Galaxy gameplay aims to build on these main functions: Mystery Box, Marketplace, NFTs, and multiple game features such as Challenges, PVE Campaigns and Daily Quests.

LFW Gamehub

Apart from Legend of Galaxy, there are more products on the way on the LFW Gamehub. DAOLaunch is also in partnership with LFW!

As you know, the Gamehub itself will contain various games that are interconnected and one can benefit from the other. This sustainable concept promises to bring various utility to the platform as well as its products.

Deflationary NFT Model

Inflation is one of the biggest problems that most NFT games face. After becoming aware of this issue, the LOG team conducted in-depth research and promoted a first-ever innovative deflationary model in gamefi to generate passive income for token holders, and burning tokens appropriately. Together with multiple token utilities in-game, play-to-earn incentives, and the NFT 2.0 economy, they believe that this model can solve the headaches issues of inflation in blockchain game projects, and maximize the benefits for token holders.